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New AI inspiration strategy workshop

Mijdrecht, november 24th 2023Yesterday at the FD Gazellen Awards there was enormous interest in the workshop “digitize 10x faster”. Keynote speakers Youri Lieberton (founder & CEO Loyals Group) and Liam Tjoa (founder & CEO GoSpooky) made no bones about it; AI will play a role in tomorrow’s business. Their message; start today.

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It has already been more than a year since ChatGPT first surprised and amazed us all. Not only is ChatGPT now almost as smart as a human with some sources reporting an IQ of  above 140, a multitude of AI tools have also been added – all with their own properties, advantages and disadvantages.

Over 200 AI tools tested and applied

As a specialized agency group and innovation partner for many customers, Loyals Group has been working on AI for a long time. For example, we have actually used AI long before it became a trending topic for our client DataChecker in the form of Machine Learning. And we have also integrated ChatGPT with the core work processes at customer CopyRobin.

And we didn’t stop there. We have tried as many AI tools as possible in all kinds of applications. From the automated creation of conversation notes to analysis of sentiment and keynotes in meetings. We now have a list of 200 AI solutions with insight into the advantages and disadvantages.

“Staying ahead of the trends and game is about being aware of whats trending and relevant now”

Tim van der Wiel, founder GoSpooky during his keynote on the Loyals Entrepeneurs Dinner

Ready to provide you with AI insight, inspiration and strategy

You don’t have to start with trying 200+ AI tools yourself to discover – experimentally – what we have already discovered. We have converted our insights into AI into a workshop in which we bring together inspiration, insight and strategy formation. Read all about it on our AI strategy insights page. Here you will also find a contact form to request the session for your company.

We are ready, are you?

Profielfoto van Commercieel Directeur van de Loyals Groep Tibor Uittenbogaard

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