10 Social Media tools to enhance your social media strategy

Social networks are an important part of the gears of social media strategies, but they are not everything! They need to be supported by tools that will allow to obtain statistical data, improve the performance of publications, the generation of posts, understand the audience, their tastes, improve the result of campaigns and the performance of accounts in general.

Do you want to know several of them?

Here are 10 tools to help you enhance your social networks.

We will separate them according to the theme you need to improve in social media.

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Social Media tools to identify, analyze and grow your audience

Union Metrics

This tool provides the necessary analysis for the construction of effective Social Media strategies and take them beyond the management of social networks. With it you will be able to analyze the profile of the networks you are managing to achieve its effective expansion. It also allows you to make full reports of the campaigns you are applying, considering the keywords indicated for the success of it.

As far as prices are concerned, we found different rates. The Lite, at $23/month, allows you to analyze 2 social profiles, the Starter, at $79/month, analyzes 3 profiles, and finally the Team manages 6 profiles simultaneously, for a price of $159/month.



This web app allows you to find out what consumers think about any topic, whether it is trending or not.

Whether you are conducting a general marketing study, no matter how big or small your goal, a large national campaign or a micro campaign at the local level will help you to know what your audience thinks about certain issues is key to getting great results. Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool for measuring and evaluating audience opinion.


Le Guide Noir

It is the favorite tool of influencers. It is a new option that, we are sure, in time will be a very recognized one. In this platform you will find statistics and results of people dedicated to fashion, such as bloggers, celebrities, among others, in order to determine the level of influence of each member of this industry.

If you like fashion, and want to venture into the world of blogging, Le Guide Noir will be your perfect ally, providing you with information on followers, numbers of interactions, responses and much more.

Social Media tools for programming and publications in social networks


Considered one of the best options at present for publishing on Instagram; the most popular social network and one that has enjoyed the greatest growth in recent years. An advantageous tool, it allows you to leave scheduled posts on the network, provides location (which may - or may not - coincide with the current time), responds to comments, and accomplishes something no other app does - scheduling Stories for Instagram! And to top it all off, it gives you all sorts of statistics.

Its prices vary according to its functionalities, the most basic one of 10 euros/month allows you to manage 3 Intagram accounts, while the most professional one of 55.30 euros/month allows you to manage up to 40 accounts.



One of the most renowned social media tools. It is a web and mobile application that serves to manage different profiles in social networks in one place, and from the same dashboard. It is very easy to use, and is full of interesting features, such as programming posts on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even LinkedIn. With it you can write updates, upload photos, leave scheduled articles or follow conversions you're immersed in, and all through a single panel.

It can be used for free for 30 days, and has different versions ranging from the most basic plan (which allows you to control 10 social profiles, unlimited programming per user).



It allows you to monitor the content you publish in general. You will be able to see what is happening in your networks, in real time, so you will be able to make publications and follow their evolution in an easy way. With the free version you can find all kinds of information about your publications, such as analytics, content from your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, in one panel. There is also Premium for $9.99.

Social media tools for work process management


It is the ideal tool for the management of tasks in a successful way. It will allow you to maintain the order of any activity that you are doing, either for specific tasks of a project, the control of clients, the publications of a client of social networks. It will allow you to invite people to share or assign tasks to whomever is appropriate in a chain of work, so that as the activity is in progress, so isTrello. It has the excellent advantage of allowing you to attach files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

In addition to all those benefits explained above, Trello allows you to work offline, add to-do lists, as the working tables will automatically re-synchronize once the internet network is re-established.



Like Trello, Asana allows you to spend time tracking your projects and jobs by giving you full information on task results through the notification settings, which provide you with each status or process performed. It also provides the total picture from start to finish, and you can take control to manage your entire business through a single tool. And best of all, it has a free version. Great!

Social media tools focused on image creation and editing


If what you need is design for your networks, but you don't have any knowledge of Photoshop, this will interest you. Crello is an online editing software that was launched as a startup by Depositphotos. This simple and fast tool was created to provide a solution to the creation of graphic content without the need to be a professional.

With it you can create exportable formats in 36 different configurations, and have more than 10,000 free images online, including photos, icons, patterns and vectors. You can also find the option of placing frames, backgrounds, shapes and illustrations.



The favorite partner for those who want to create graphic pieces, not only post for Facebook and Instagram, but also business cards, the look of your resume, covers for books, magazines, templates for power point presentations, and much more. Ideal for the visual creation of your campaigns. It is a tool where design becomes simple, as it allows you to create graphic content with hundreds of creative designs. What really makes it perfect is that it's within everyone's reach, since Canva is totally free.

All these tools if used together, in the right way, will make your social media marketing strategies super successful, taking one from each section you can build your perfect pack to succeed in the social media world.

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