5 Email marketing tips for an optimal open and click through rate

In an earlier blog I told you about the importance of email marketing and the profit you can achieve through this channel. Today I want to give you 5 email marketing tips to get good results (metrics). The most important email metrics as pillars for success are: your open rate and your click through rate (CTR).

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To optimize our own metrics, we recently started using a new email marketing tool at Loyals. This allows us to get even more results from our own email marketing. Based on our own experiences and the extra possibilities with the new software, I would like to give you 5 tips on how to get the most out of your email marketing.

Tip 1: seduce your recipients with a strong subject line

Just as with dating, where your opening sentence is crucial for the response of the recipient, the subject line is extremely important in email marketing. This is the first thing the recipients of your mailing will see. Writing a strong subject line also has a big influence on your open rate. To help you on your way, I have analysed the factors of the ideal subject line for you.

The ideal subject line:

  • is 40-50 characters long;
  • is personalized by means of a name; both for private individuals (B2C) and for businesses (B2B);
  • is in line with the further content of your email, to prevent people from just opening the email and then clicking away;
  • informative on the one hand; and inviting on the other.

Caution! Do not use caps lock or strange characters in your subject line to stand out more! Spam filters are sensitive to these kinds of "tricks".

Tip 2: Focus your content on the interests of your recipients

If people have opened your email, it is necessary to let them click through to the landing pages that you mention as content in your email. Relevance is the most important factor in this. You can do this by using the data you have from the persons on your mailing list in the right way. Make use of demographic data, such as gender and age, but also click behaviour on your website. Based on this data, you can create different mailing lists, so you do not send B2C mailings to B2B customers or promote men's clothing to women.

Caution! With relevant content you can optimize your CTR, but if your template is not responsive - automatic adjustment of the width based on the device with which the mail is opened - the clicks will often not occur. Especially since research shows that on average 46% of the B2C market and 31% of the B2B market open their email with a smartphone.

Tip 3: use clear call-to-actions and buttons

In addition, the call-to-actions are also important for a good CTR. Be clear with your call-to-actions to the consumer in what they can expect after a click. This optimizes the click ratio.

Also pay attention to responsiveness here. The buttons on the call-to-action should be large enough to even be able to tap them with your finger at all.

Tip 4: add video for optimal results

You have probably already experienced this yourself: people prefer video over reading nowadays. This is also true in the commercial sector. Research by Hubspot has shown that 43% of consumers would rather watch commercial videos than read articles with commercial content.

Subsequently, marketers who use video see their turnover grow 49% faster than marketers who do not use video.

Need I say more?

Tip 5: continue testing

The greatest strength of email marketing is perhaps the possibility to continue testing, through A/B testing. Sometimes certain choices can seem quite obvious. This does not necessarily mean that these are the most effective choices.

That's why A/B testing is so great for email marketers. The testing options are endless, but I at least want to point out the following options: 

  • The design of your subject line
  • The effectiveness of synonyms
  • The relationship between images and text
  • The day and time of shipment
  • Different texts in your CTA buttons
  • Use of colour in your design

Interested, questions or a strategic brainstorming session?

Would you like to talk to us about how you can design your email marketing for optimal support in your sales funnel? Please contact us. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments about the options following this blog.

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