5 Marketing packages you can offer your customers

It is important to make it clear to the customer that developing a marketing strategy will help them to have a better understanding of where they are today and what they need to do to get where they want to go. This means setting a goal in order to achieve it, but it is ideal to draw up a plan that will benefit them and make it easier for them to achieve their goal.

So as an agency, it is important to be customer oriented and offer them options to improve their online performance, but... what can you offer them? We will tell you below.

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1) Strategy and content creation

Many customers will want to go into content production directly, but it is important to remind them how important it is to have a marketing strategy in place prior to content creation.

It is important to make it clear to them that developing a strategy will help them to have a better understanding of where they are today and what they need to do to get where they want to go. This means they need to set a goal in order to achieve it, but it is ideal to draw up a plan that will benefit them and facilitate the achievement of their goal.

One of the most important parts of this process is the organization of the target audience. And even if your client already has a target group, the idea is to evaluate the quality of the target group and identify ways to strengthen them. This first step is critical, as the buyers will be used to guide the direction of future content creation.

Once you have the idea of what you want to publish, the next thing to do is to give form and organization to the content. For this we recommend the use of an editorial calendar, to keep all your publications in order. Depending on the amount of content you want to upload, it is important to create separate calendars by objectives, one for your blog, another for social networks and email.

Organization is crucial, because it will help both you and the client to visualize progress, frequency, publication patterns, content being published, among others, avoiding lack of information.

2) Content creation

It is typical to meet with customers who have the need to keep their website updated, so it is often heard that they say, "We don't have time to create content. Or out of ignorance they also say:

"Our audience doesn't use social media."

That's where the Social Media Manager and the Content Manager come in to solve these problems.

The idea of creating content online is often very frightening for companies, brands or individuals, who are used to using very traditional marketing methods, apart from the extraordinary. So, when offering them content creation services, you must demonstrate the importance of the content, showing them little by little the options that will give them the best performance and reach for their target audience. In other words, you must talk to them about the benefit this would bring to their organization.

For this, it is important to check who your client's buyers, or their target group are, to determine the type of content that is likely to work best for them and to define specifically which networks you will publish that content on.

Once they have contracted your services, it is paramount to ensure that those you appoint as responsible for creating the content know the client, their business and their industry well enough to be sure of their interests and needs, and therefore create content that meets their requirements. This will go a long way in ensuring that the content is useful, relevant, and aligned with your goals.

3) Content optimization

Nowadays access to information is incredible, so much so that whatever consumers need, they will know exactly where to look.

If your client tells you that they want all their content to be found by people looking for solutions to their web problems, they need to know that content creation is only half the mission. Since the content placed there must be visible and subsequently optimized to be relevant and found by the target audience.

That's why, when offering online content optimization services, you can help your clients get more visibility for their websites. In return, you get conversions through keyword research, and the implementation of SEO principles.

It is important to make our clients understand that, when performing the optimization work, this is not a "simple task" that can be done in the blink of an eye and easily crossed off the work list. Marketing content optimization as a service is a continuous process, the results of which will be shown progressively.

4) Content promotion

If the goal is to get the relevant content you want, to the right people at the right time, an effective content promotion strategy is needed to achieve it.

As an agency, it is important to provide a service that helps your clients expand the reach they have with their target audience. That said, although the client has achieved objectives on their own, it is our task as experts to surpass goals and expand their horizons in the promotional market, making them more visible.

For the distribution of content there are platforms that will help you generate the greatest reach, saving time and budget. It starts with an analysis of the distribution channels that the client currently has, also including a study of how their competition promotes their content and how it is handled on various online platforms, without losing sight of email (email marketing) and social networks.

Another option, which can help your client's brand or company in a positive way, is to establish contact with influential people, or so-called "influencers", who are interested in sharing content in their networks. This can significantly help in expanding the reach of your customers in your industry and provides you with instant brand credibility.

5) Content management

Having old and outdated content is the worst thing a company can have, usually much worse than having nothing.

Having outdated information will immediately cause people to leave your page, just as they entered your profile or social network, since they will find nothing interesting to interact with.

Let's make an example. Let's say your client has a job offer that he posted months (even years) ago and is still getting a significant amount of traffic. If that content is not constantly updated, visitors are likely to drop off, making the level of interest in your brand negative.

If your customer is doubtful and somewhat incredulous about the importance of this service to their business, be sure to explain that Google loves new content fresh from the oven. This could increase their relevance in internet searches, and their online presence.

Like the content, the updated images also make the site more welcoming. So be aware of changing obsolete statistics for current ones, remove old images, outdated screenshots, and also remember to replace internal links with more relevant ones.

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