Achieving goals is what we do it for

Without a goal, no motivation. No guts, No glory. And another nice one... Without sacrifice, no victory! I use these credos this myself. Every day is a competition. Fighting every day to achieve the goals you have set. In fact, I live for it! It is, according to my partners within Loyals, my strongest point and motivation. "Can’t do it" doesn’t exist. Just give that extra push and put your back into it. Michael Perridon of Trust (with an estimated capital of 300 million euros) puts it nicely: "Every day at 9am we are bankrupt, around 4pm we are breaking even and that’s when it starts. Then we’re off!"

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Loyals helps companies grow and builds strong brands. In my previous vlog I explained how you can develop a business with marketing and communication. This time I will focus more on achieving goals. How do you maintain focus? How do you make sure that everything you do brings you closer to your personal goal? In this blog I’d like to give you some tips that my own strategy was built on.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

4 years ago Youri and I landed in Spain. We were going to do it ... Set up a branch in Spain. First a takeover and then take on 40 people. We know better now. We have a branch, but certainly not the success we had in mind. Why? There is only one answer: Lack of focus.

What DID we do? The rebranding and repositioning of A-side media to Loyals, a second branch, a number of acquisitions, grown from 25 to almost 100 people, 5 subsidiaries ... In short: we got busy but gave no priority to Spain. We did it on the side. With an expected result in retrospect: large turnover among the talent, partners and agencies that abuse the situation, and too little growth. People who know us, know that we feel that’s the worst of all: no growth…

Cut the crap: determine the dot on the horizon

Personally, we like to work  in a structured way, but with plenty of room for initiative, creativity and room to fail. In our 'Cut the Crap' marketing sessions, we always start with the dot on the horizon. The beauty of a dot on the horizon is that, as you approach it, it automatically fades again and is pushed back to an even greater goal.

But how do we achieve that in these sessions? We translate that dot on the horizon to an annual target. We also link this to an objective per quarter, month, week and sometimes even per day. We also challenge these actions and objectives against our instinct and the brand we want to build. This requires enormous discipline and patience, but it also makes you creative. An objective is ambitious and to get it, you try everything. Failure is not a problem, fortunately we still do it regularly! It’s necessary, because it makes you smarter. That experience helps you to succeed at the next attempt.

Eat that frog and do what you’re good at!

Finally, be critical of yourself. The 80/20 rule doesn’t just apply to your turnover, but also to your effort. Often, 20% of your effort is responsible for 80% of the output. That means you can’t do 80% better. It is hard to recognize that, but the sooner the better. Stop that nonsense and stop the things you are not good at. Even if you like doing them, it doesn’t help you. In fact, it often works against you. Think of what you can achieve if you can focus five times as much on those activities that now contribute 80% of the result. Indeed... A result of 400%!

Of course, you will always face certain problems. We often hand out the book "Eat that frog", in which you start the day with a task list that contributes to that 80%. Then you start with the most annoying and difficult tasks. It is important that you put everything aside, until you have finished your list, so no email, no telephone, no social, etc. You will see: it takes a while, but it brings you closer to your personal goal every day.

Work with the best people

This sounds like an open door. But it’s not... Put aside your ego and stubbornness. Look in the mirror. What are you good at? What do you want to achieve? If that’s clear to you, then you mustn’t allow yourself to deviate from your path. But that also means you have to look at what other people are better at. Is that sales, product development, marketing and communication or finance? It doesn’t matter. Involve them in your business or project. Both externally and internally. Don’t you have a budget? Then be creative. View performance-based reward structures or search for investors. But go all-in anyway, because it literally is: No guts, no glory!

Hear, See and… Do

You are not the first to take these steps. And not the last one to face these challenges. Every situation is unique, and we live in a time that can’t be compared to the past. But there are a lot of people who have already experienced many of your challenges. Many books have been written and there are many progressive keynote speakers. You can learn a lot from these types of people. So, don’t go reinventing the wheel for everything. Read a lot, find out how the superstars from the same industry and other industries do it. And then do it, do it, do it yourself.

Hire a coach

It's not going to be pretty. Our creative partner Gillian’s biggest inspiration is Phill Knite. Phill is the founder of Nike. In the manifesto he drew up to monitor Nike's core values and build the brand, something special was written. "The way of a new project or business in general is hard, intense and full of pitfalls." Do you do this with partners? Then you can tackle the peaks and valleys together. But that too is like having a relationship. It's good to have someone who holds up a mirror for you, without self-interest. Someone to whom you can express your frustrations and who will explain to you that in 99% of the cases it’s down to you. It's very annoying to hear this, but 100% true.

Help with your next goal?

Do you want to discuss your next step? We are always open to think about ambitious new projects and companies. My partners at Loyals and our specialists work every day to achieve growth and build brands. So just present us with your challenge. Who knows, we, or our network might be able to help. Good luck!

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