Are you ready for the next generation?

By 2020, more than a third of the workforce will be "The Next Generation". This digital generation knows all the secrets of the Internet and social media. They will find the answer to every question, just ask Siri, Cortana or the Google Assistant to know the answer. But how do you capture the attention of The Next Generation as an employer, and how do you link them to your business? Mainly by getting to know them. Every person is different, but a little generalization in time can't hurt.

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Work hard, play hard

Will a job that's just strong and no fun be a viable thing for the future? It won't be! For the Next Generation, it is important to have good colleagues, and a comfortable work environment, so that ideas can flow. A team that works hard, meets goals, and spends days having fun, like Friday afternoon drinking a couple of beers, sharing, and playing ping pong for a while. Having fun! This inspires the feeling of continuous growth and skill development.

How do you make a job opening attractive to this generation? Simple: demonstrate that your company is an experience for the employees. An ideal environment to develop ideas, comfortable, with moments of group recreation, and opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally.

The Next Generation as a consumer

How can we ensure that they become potential customers? Easy, by thinking like one of them. Focus on the Internet. By offering them a quick and easy shopping system, a personal shopping experience: that's what this generation wants. But not only that! Focus on what they're thinking, too. Bet on content that attracts the attention of this audience, and that they judge and give their opinion. How? By giving them a reward! For example: "Leave us your comment and get a gift! An example of this is what Coolblue does (check out the kings of Coolblue review right away).

The Next Generation doesn't just want to be seen. They also want to be heard, cared for. So, as a company, how can you do it right? Listen to them. Ask their opinion. Get into the dialogue. Will you let this generation talk and think with you? There's a good chance you'll attract new customers, and they'll love what you do.

Show yourself as you are

The Next Generation has the ability to find everything online. That's why they always expect it, with everything and for all aspects of their lives. But that's what they always expect. It's great that in order to get this group's attention you share fun facts, behind-the-scenes images, for example, on your website or at social gatherings. Let your followers and clients have their say. Not only do you have to share your successes: nothing is more authentic than sharing your day-to-day learning moments.

The Next Generation is also a conscious generation. So show what you're doing in terms of corporate social responsibility. Planting trees as a staff outing? Good! Organic snacks or vegetarian in the office? All in favour! Fairtrade coffee and tea? Yes, please!

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