Boost your online marketing game: 4 psychological tips

Successful online marketing involves a lot of psychology. When you understand how and why people make certain choices, you can respond to them with your marketing activities.

That’s why I like to read a lot about neuromarketing and try out the surprising results I get from studies. But I don’t just like to read about psychology because of my profession. I find it very interesting to understand what triggers people. And some extra self-knowledge can’t hurt either. Because no matter how much we want to believe we are making self-conscious choices... We all fall for it. :)

Previously, I shared 3 psychological tips that ensure your article immediately attracts attention. In this blog I share 4 specific tips that I encountered in an article by PushCrew. They influence your conversion rate positively and you can get started today!

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1. Emotional marketing

There are two types of marketing strategies that influence the buying behaviour of consumers:

  • Rational marketing. Here you focus mainly on what you can do with the product, its quality and what its benefits are.
  • Emotional marketing. Here you focus on the emotional motivation of your target group. Emotional bonding is central and through intensive contact moments you create a positive experience around your brand.

It has been proven that consumers' buying behaviour is mainly influenced by the feeling and emotion they have with a brand, and less by the rational information about the possibilities that a product offers.

Tip: Take advantage of this in your content marketing by creating content that:

  • Inspires, generates interest, makes curious.
  • Makes people recall special moments.
  • Establishes interaction and connection.

2. social proof

Although we’d like to think that we make very independent and well-considered decisions, the opposite has been proven. In that respect, we are just herd animals who like to follow the behaviour of others. We easily adopt the behaviour of people we trust.

Tip: Apply social proof in your marketing strategy by:

  • Utilizing user-generated content.
  • Using influencer marketing.
  • Integrating your social feed on your platform.
  • Showing reviews & references.

3. Offer choices, but avoid choosing stress

Providing choices can increase your conversion. But do you offer too many choices? You run the risk of the consumer not knowing what to choose and causing so-called choice stress.

Tip: Apply this science in the following way:

  • Create clear call-to-actions.
  • Offer the consumer a maximum of 2 to 3 clear choices.

4.    The Commitment Theory

This theory assumes that if you have committed to something small, it is more likely you will also commit to something bigger in the future. This means that if your target group has already subscribed to your newsletter, for example, the chances are that they will eventually also buy from you.

Tip: Apply this in your online marketing by:

  • Giving visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Asking your target audience to share something about you on social media.
  • Offering to register for a webinar.

With the above tips you can immediately improve your online marketing strategy without first working out long term plans. So, it’s especially important to create contact moments with your target group that you have set it up based on the needs of the consumer. Go for it!

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