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We now know that combining online and offline means of communication is more powerful. But what actually is offline and what is online. You can no longer place some tools in one of the boxes, there is overlap and some of the original offline tools suddenly become online. An action poster in a mall has become a TV screen that plays a movie. The power is therefore in the right mix of communication means and channels. That's why us Loyals got together combining offline, online, events and everything in between to achieve a good mix of communication tools for your company.

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Repeat, repeat and repeat again.

Only by aligning the different channels will you get maximum reach. The code word here is: Repeat, repeat, and repeat again. Your campaign will be most effective when you reach the target group more frequently and in more different ways.

In 'real' life you encounter so many advertisements, sometimes even without the recipient being aware of this. The more they experience the message, the easier it lingers in their memory. And what we are familiar with, we unconsciously experience as more pleasant.

‘What we are familiar with, we unconsciously experience as more pleasant'

So, repetition is of great added value for your product, brand or company. For example, for a large event, the following means are quickly deployed: an event, website, advertising campaign, social media advertisements, TV commercial, radio commercial and of course free publicity (radio interview).

Keep in mind that the exact content is adapted to the medium. A website text is something very different from a text for a flyer, advertisement or AdWords campaign. Adjust the message to the medium. But keep a clear picture in mind so that the recipient receives the right message regardless of the medium.

Plenty of means of communication

There are so many different resources and channels you can combine, both online, offline and for events. Just look at some of the options below. Nobody wants the same thing each time, so let yourself be inspired to use something other than the standard flyer for the promotion of a new product. For example, have a couple of nice ladies with balloons and cake draw ‘live' attention to your new product. Anything goes, as long as you keep an eye on your core values and message.

A selection of possible communication tools


Social media channels

Free publicity

Digital newsletter

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Digital ads

Deploying Communities

Direct mailing


POS material




Promotional ladies

Discount/promotional flyer

Radio/TV commercial


Company party

Advertorials trade magazines

Product placement

Help… what will you use?

As you can see, there are many possibilities, but what works best for your company? And for the message you want to convey? If you want help with this, please call us for an informal meeting and we will put together a nice selection of communication tools. On our way to a wide reach.

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