Digital Marketing trends that should not be missed

The importance of knowing the trends in digital marketing keeps us up to date in the digital world, as information and updates are made much faster because information travels at amazing speeds. Staying behind with innovations, new tools, applications, would mean being out of level, and that is fatal for a marketing agency, a brand, and a company in general.

Trends are not a whim, but a necessary and of course very useful asset. It is enough to know and apply those that are suitable for our brand and it will work perfectly.

Being aware of new trends will help you to better define strategies and create the most appropriate ones. This will help us to easily adapt to changes and will always keep us one step ahead of the competition.

Do you know which are the most important advantages of knowing these marketing trends? We will explain them to you below.

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1. Video marketing

Everything points to 2019 being the year of popularization of videos for marketing campaigns. As is the incorporation of a new app for video functions in HubSpot, one of the most important sales and marketing software companies worldwide. This is giving us an obvious clue that shows the growing importance of this audiovisual format in digital marketing.

If we decide not to use video marketing, what are the consequences?

  • This type of campaign facilitates the interactivity with our target, improves our engagement since it allows a more effective connection between the brand and the user.
  • Since this format is usually more attractive, it is consumed more on the internet, since it can be seen on any device that has an Internet connection.
  • In social networks, videos have greater visibility and impact, so if we use a video to promote a product or service it will benefit them by making them much more noticeable.
  • Do you want to achieve organic positioning (SEO)? Using videos as part of your marketing strategy will have a positive impact for you and your brand.

2. Instagram TV

Did you know that Instagram has an amazing number of 1 billion monthly interactions? Not only that, but its average participation has surpassed Facebook by 23%, leaving behind the vague promise of being the best social network into actually achieving it. Instagram has become one of the best and most powerful marketing platforms and channels in the entire internet.

Eager to continue in the digital world, Instagram launched IGTV, its own video platform where mobile users can have a window to promote their brands, and even promote themselves, giving birth to a new batch of influencers from Instagram.

Why is this platform exclusive for mobile phone users? Simple, all this is because the reproduction of the videos is vertical, for its visualization in the screens of small size like the smartphones.

What is the difference between Instagram TV and Instastories?

It allows you to publish videos with longer duration. Maybe a tutorial, a short film, an interview, whatever you want. It is here to make a window for your followers, and they can see beyond your simple feed or simple stories, giving the possibility to perform more complex strategies.

3. Marketing automation with the Chat Bots

Chatbots are a very effective tool and are increasingly used in web portals, being considered an important part of marketing automation. Thanks to the fact that it is handled by Artificial Intelligence computer systems, it can simulate automatic conversations with customers, as if a real person did it.

The most notable advantages for this 2019, with respect to this system are:

  • Savings in hiring staff to take care of customer service.
  • Faster customer interaction, at any given time, on every day of the week

The downside of using a chatbot is:

An expensive initial investment will be needed to start the service.

Not all people will feel comfortable being in communication with a system, since not all services, markets or publics may be adequate or effective. There are those who will need the help of human attention, since many times there will be situations that need more than an automated response, since they will be more complex tasks and solutions.

4. Influencer marketing

The influencers are the new celebrities of the virtual world, who have from hundreds to millions of followers, subscribers, or fans on their Instagram and Youtube channels. They can create content and entertain much more people thanks to their magnetism and talent.

The marketing strategies of influencers are still very new, so they are constantly being updated. Recently there has been a change in legislation that makes it compulsory to offer greater transparency in marketing campaigns with influencers.

This type of campaign should be highlighted by:

The use and identification of influencers that add value to a brand, making users feel identified with the person who recommends a product or service, ceasing to import basic and general criteria such as the number of followers of your channel or social network.

In short, the saying "quality is what matters, not quantity" is applicable in influencers. This means that the campaigns are more focused on achieving the most faithful engagement with users, thus seeking the complementary and perfect union between the brand, influencers and client or target.

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