Elements of a good design for your brand and company

For most people, the idea they have about graphic design does not go beyond thinking that it is only about logo design. So, they assume that they will need someone to design it for them, since they do not know the wide range of products you can use for graphic design. It is important to point out that the creative process must be focused more in the sense of creating a corporate identity, going through different stages of graphic design that may provide benefits for your company. Do you think you know them?


We present them to you:

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Logo design




What is it? Well, we call 'branding' the method that creates, produces and manages brands. This specialty is the star union between marketing and graphic design, in which the brand is presented to the market to generate interest in the target audience, emphasizing the values of the brand, such as its benefits, and giving it the seal of credibility and quality. Taking all this into consideration, we can achieve the creation of a brand with a strong personality, and a strong presence that can differentiate itself from its competition obtaining a superior success. This way we can reach the mind of the final consumers, achieving the goal of generating conversions and a level of remembrance superior to that of its competitors.


Logo design

If you have the values that you want to transmit to the market clear, and the brand is already built, then you reach the next stage. This stage is the creation of the logo, the conformation of its colors, typography and style that will represent your company. At this level, you should try to create an original, simple design that can last over time and be recognized.

With the abundant development and creation of brands, there may be some that are dedicated to the same activity as yours, making it a bit complicated to be original in the approach of a logo. However, you should try as much as possible to achieve that differential tone, which will make people identify you. That is why it is extremely important to think in an abstract way and to be as original as possible with what we want our logo to convey.


Web Design

 Many people have come to think that having a website is already quite obsolete, or they do not find it ideal for lack of knowledge. However, nowadays, it is still very important for a company to have its own corporate website. This because it is undoubtedly essential to have an online presence in order to reach a greater number of people, build customer loyalty and get your product and service information across effectively. In these times, where technology and digital presence is important, not having a website will make your company's days numbered.

For this reason, good web design is essential, it is the combination of having an attractive aesthetic with easy navigation. Having a friendly web design, comfortable and adapted to users, and also responsive, do not guarantee 100% increase in the number of traffic to your page. In order to achieve this, we must also rely on SEO positioning on our website, because it is the only way to ensure that users can find our website among the many results offered by browsers.

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