Google Hotel Ads - The best tool for your hotel

Google’s booking system is getting a new interface and is becoming more efficient; at the end of this year it will be fully integrated with Google Ads to make hotel campaigns easier and accessible to all clients of Loyals.

All of us love to travel, or at least most of us enjoy it! People take their time to check and review their destinations before arrival, they buy cheap flight tickets, they search for fun things to do once they reach their destination, and not to forget: where to sleep at night. And where do they look first? That’s right, on Google. This is their first source and your hotel should utilize this opportunity with the help of our experts.

Google Hotel Ads was launched in 2010 with the main purpose of providing relevant information about hotels and their pricing, which is shown on Google Maps. Here, you can see advertisements for hotel rooms as well as detailed information for every person that is either preparing their travels, or those that already arrived at their destination. Just like any other Google Ad, you as an advertiser, only pay when the visitor clicks on your advertisement. This system allows the visitor to book a room directly through your hotel’s website without having to use a third-party source, and gives you more and better control of your room inventory.

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Benefits Hotel Ads

· Promoting inventory on Google Search

Advertise your hotel room inventory on and Google Maps while the traveler is on the way exploring the city. The advertiser only pays per click.

· Increase direct traffic to your booking system

Connects directly with users when they actively search online for hotels.

· Increase the relationship with your guests

Providing a source of direct traffic gets you more control over your customer’s experience with your brand.

· Grow revenue more efficiently

Capture high-quality leads and more efficient conversions.


Google Ads Integration

Due to the huge success of Google Hotel Ads, the system has been expanded to more than 150 countries, and it has been reinvented according to the needs of hotels and travelers.

Previously, to work with Google Hotel Ads, you had partner up with an official Hotel Ads partner. As a Google Premier partner, Loyals now has access to Hotel Ads as an integrated service of Google Ads. This new way of advertising will allow a much larger control of your hotel’s advertising campaigns, along with all the other marketing and promo strategies that your brand already has.

With this new feature, benefits will be:

· Hotel Ad Groups

Hotel Ad Groups to classify your hotels by main attributes like brands or hotel category.

· Strong Bidding Control

Allowing our experts to optimize bids on unique features specifically focused on hotels only, such as user’s time spent or check-in audience.

· Smart Bidding

Powered by machine learning to maximize booking at your ROI goal

Loyals will utilize Google Hotel Ads to increase direct bookings, without having to pay extra fees to third party booking systems. Benefit now from an increase in margin and profit for your Hotel!

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