Google update: a new look for Mobile Search

You might have noticed when you looked up something on your mobile: the search results look different. Since the last Google update, there are some striking differences. For example, the URL is now above the search result, Google shows your favicon and the advertising label is black and less conspicuous. Why did Google choose this? And what does this mean for you?

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What's new on Google ads?

Google has been testing the new, black advertising label for months. With this Google update, it is officially put into use. The biggest difference is not in the colour, but in the fact that the label is now on top of the advertisement headline. This also applies to the URL. Google did this because it allows you to see more quickly which website it is. But maybe there is something else going on... For example, that Google mainly chooses to confuse the viewfinder. Advertisements and organic search results are now even more similar.


Advertising design Google

Google wants to emphasize favicon

In organic search results, the biggest difference is the appearance of the favicon. Google is now showing it, because that way the branding of a website is more central. (We like #moreloveforyourbrand!) The organic search results also show the URL at the top - next to the favicon - since this Google update. This way you can scan faster and have a better search experience. User experience remains king!


Favicon update Google

Do you have a favicon, but doesn't it show up in the results? Take a look here.

What else changes?

This new design is all about the future: soon you will see more photos, action buttons and interactive previews in your search results. More and more functionalities are becoming available: whether it's buying cinema tickets or playing podcasts. Don't you think that's spectacular enough? Please be patient! Google is also working on 3D objects. How cool is that?

What do users say about this Google update?

According to Google - yes, we at WC Duck recommend WC Duck - the first testers were satisfied. More than two thirds of the testers found it easier to quickly scan the results. The majority of users found it easier to recognize websites. Google said, anyway.

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