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You know it. If you're just working on all kinds of new assignments and customers, you won't be able to fill that important vacancy. No wonder. It's not an easy job market for employers at the moment: an overload of vacancies and not enough good people to fill them. But they are there. Somewhere out there. How do you trigger their interest? How do you reach your (labor market) target group? How do you seduce exactly the people you need to grow your business? I like to share some tips.

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Tip #1: Move into the target group

First you have to know exactly who you want to attract. Otherwise, it is rather difficult to address. So, who is your ideal candidate and what does he or she do? And why? What makes your ideal candidate so enthusiastic?

Yes, these are difficult questions. But if you have a good picture of it, you can respond to it. Check whether your current 'working at' page attracts your ideal employee. Pay attention, for example, to or:

The page is clearly laid out.

It contains clear, relevant information and not only "spin-in-the-web" clichés, "anything but 9 to 5 mentality", "hands-on approacher". You catch my drift.

If you were your ideal candidate, will you find what you're looking for?

So, take a critical look at your vacancy text. Would you respond to the vacancy yourself? And even more important to ask yourself... Is your vacancy text purely about your needs, or do you emphasize what you as an employer have to offer? Because that's where you make the difference. There is so much to offer. The following tip ties in with this.

Tip #2: Take care of your people - good employees are gold

Don't you take good care of your people? Then another company will do it. Guaranteed. And that would be a shame. Because without your committed, dedicated employees, you probably won't be anywhere. So, find out why your people actually work for you. What do they value about your company? What are they doing well? That's where the key lies in attracting more of those kinds of employees.

The well-known British businessman Richard Branson makes no secret of his recipe for entrepreneurial success: 'Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

Make sure your employees want to work for you; facilitate their development and give what they need. Do you arrange this well? Then you have gold in your hands. Loyal employees are your ambassadors. Compare it to booking a holiday. If you hear from your neighbor about his fantastic stay in a suite with sea view, you attach more value to it than to the rating of the hotel chain itself. The same with employees. Tip: ask your employees to fill in a review on, for example,

This also applies to your company as an employer brand. All your employees have an enormous network of former classmates, family members, friends, sports teams and neighbors. Are they not satisfied with you? They can air their hearts in the third half, or during a birthday party. And look: suddenly an acquaintance reacts that she is enjoying herself enormously at her company. "By the way, there are several open, you know! So, see if there's something for you."

The million-dollar question is... is she talking about you or your competitor? In short: make sure you have your employer branding on point. Then you're always a few steps ahead.

Tip #3: Boost your employer brand

Of course, being a good employer is essential, but there's more to it. Because seduction is also a profession. You want to be visible in the right way. So, think carefully about how you get your message across and on which platforms. Because there's a good chance that your ideal candidates don't even know you yet. So, go into their territory. Online and offline, that's always the best combination.

Other tips to boost your employer brand:

  • Consider whether to advertise. And if so, what with it. A video often works well. This way, you immediately give a good picture of your company culture and they can quickly see if the match is there.
  • Try to get your vacancies higher in the search engine results. Find out which keywords candidates use to end up on your website and write SEO-optimized landing pages for them.
  • Make convincing, sincere testimonials of the experiences of your employees.
  • Make sure that a strong brand movie is made for your company. Preferably with a story that your people are so proud of that they share it online on their own initiative.

Are you ready to fill in your vacancies and take the next step with your brand? Good luck!

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