How can you become a digital marketing expert on YouTube?

Videos are a very effective resource in the online environment, proving to be super fundamental for an optimal SEO positioning of your brand, due to its easy way of sharing the material and making the information available.

When you use videos as part of your campaigns, it shows a greater scope of the contents of the campaigns promoted in all aspects, both at the level of search engines, and in increasing sales, as well as to be used in a successful Brand Awareness campaign, as a visual brand strategy.

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Opportunities offered by the use of marketing on YouTube:

  • It is an alternative to positioning keywords;
  • Due to the visual nature of the platform, we generate a greater impact on the sales systems and record capturing;
  • Advertising on YouTube is cheaper with less competition;
  • As a relevant opportunity for the results it offers, we have the union of YouTube + Influencers.

Why YouTube?

There are many important reasons that will lead you to bet on videos as a marketing strategy in order to take advantage of the projection that YouTube allows. If you are still not sure, or are not very convinced, this will surely convince you:

  • They generate much more engagement than images;
  • They Improve SEO positioning;
  • Videos capture attention much better because they generate emotions;
  • They are easier to remember, and more so if you add catchy music that draws attention;
  • They allow you to link to direct product sales;
  • Videos are shared more than either text or image content.

Studies conducted by the digital consulting firm The Futures Company revealed that in recent years YouTube has been approaching Facebook as one of the platforms on which users use much of their time daily. They concluded that every day, the level of affection for this platform is increasing, making it clear that users love videos, and even consume much more television. So, taking advantage of this opportunity to promote products and services in this way, would mean a positive point in the evolution of Digital Marketing.


Need help making video campaigns via YouTube? Contact us! At we provide you with advice and strategies to meet your goals through the use of video marketing.

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