How do you make a good web shop?

A nice webshop is fun, but the main goal of a webshop is clear: sell products. But how do you transform your webshop visitor into a converting customer? The online buying behaviour is among other things determined by the ease of use of your webshop. But that is not the only thing that a successful webshop requires.

At Loyals, we take everything into account. What does the competitor do? How can we persuade visitors to buy? We then link that to a style that suits your corporate identity and take user experiences into account. We do all this to make the visitor feel at ease while shopping.

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Watch the competition

Why reinvent the wheel? In terms of layout you want a product that suits your company, but wouldn't it be nice if every online shop would work (almost) the same? The trend of online shopping is getting bigger and bigger and that is noticeable. Webshops are booming, so opinions about a good user experience will not be lacking these days. Why shouldn't you be allowed to look away a bit? 

Tip: Watch out for 'fake-shops', nowadays at least 1 in 5 Dutch webshops is unreliable. You can find more about this on a blog of

Product photography

Besides strong functionality - combined with a customized layout - you can do a lot with text and photography. Would you buy a product of which only small and hazy photos are on a webshop? You should consider taking into account light and contrast, freestanding or not, black and white or just in color....     

Sounds like advanced mathematics? We like algebra! We will be happy to advise you and adapt your product to the desired content. With certain colours in the webshop, we also make the products look better.

The Loyals process for creating a good webshop

Step 1: functional design

We start with a functional design, in technical terms called a 'wireframe', in which we focus on an optimal functionality of a webshop. In other words: the operation in general in combination with the requirements for the products your company sells. We do this based on user experience (UX), target group and competition research.

Step 2: personalizing the webshop

We then personalize the webshop according to the identity of the company, because besides the functionality, the layout can also be decisive. Of course, you don't want the photos of your products to fall into the 'no' category because they are surrounded by a web design with a circus of colours. The products must be central and the necessary buttons must be clearly visible: A calm appearance and the right balance not only makes the products more attractive, but also has a positive effect on user experience. So all factors are interdependent!

Step 3: Let's build!

After the design is made we start building. Here we convert the design to pages that you can view in the browser. We make sure that the webshop is responsive, so that people on a tablet or mobile also experience a pleasant visit. The webshop is linked to a CMS, in which our customer can easily manage the content.

We use among others:

  • Clear navigation - A webshop generally has a lot of pages, so it is important to distinguish between them using different menus.
  • Customer account - Because you can save data in an account, you prevent a customer from having to fill in all his/her data with every order. Make sure you have a good Privacy & Cookie Statement, in accordance with the GTC. Of course we want to help you with this!
  • Stock management - The ability to indicate when a product (or color/size) is not available, so you do not disappoint your customers with an invalid order.

Google guidelines for good findability

But you also want your customers to find your shop as quickly as possible. That's not easy. Google, the most widely used search engine in the Netherlands, has even drawn up special guidelines for this. Loyals keeps a close eye on the current status of these Google guidelines.


If you want to know more about a good webshop and the possibilities that Loyals can offer you as a reliable partner, please contact us.

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