LinkedIn rolls out new feature for company pages

Update: LinkedIn has removed the update from company pages for the time being. The expectation is that LinkedIn prefers to perform other updates first, on request of LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn is of course the social media channel where you, as a professional, want to be present. This makes it interesting for companies to show themselves. The biggest challenge in this is to gather followers. Thanks to a new update of LinkedIn you can now invite your personal connections to follow a company page.

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Increase your LinkedIn reach

LinkedIn has just implemented the feature, especially for company pages/company pages. An interesting new feature that you can use as an administrator of your company page.

As a company it is often difficult to grow fast on LinkedIn. With the new feature you give it a personal touch, so your personal connections will follow your company profile sooner.

How do you invite connections on LinkedIn?

To invite your personal connections to your company profile, follow the step-by-step plan below:

  •  Go to the administrator view of your company page;
  •  Navigate to 'Tools for administrators';
  •  Now click on 'Invite Connections';
  •  Invite your connections that are relevant to your company profile.

Yep, that's all. It takes little effort, but it can produce many relevant followers for your company profile. And who knows which interesting leads are among them!

Inviting connections not yet available to everyone

The update has only just been implemented. Because LinkedIn never makes updates immediately available to everyone, this new feature will also be rolled out. With a bit of luck, you can be one of the first to invite connections. The more interesting it is to do this now, because many other people can't do it yet. #aheadofthegame

Before you start, make sure your company page looks representative. Is there a link to your website? Is the information correct? Is there relevant content on your company profile? If you want to spar about how to make your LinkedIn page look good, please contact us. Then we will look at your company page together.

Is the function not yet available for you? Then you have to be patient. What you can do in this case is ask your colleagues if they already have access.

After all, you grow together, never alone, right? ;)

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