Loyals is on the roll!

Loyals is on a roll! Founder Youri Lieberton mainly focuses on Loyals’ growth. Because through growth Loyals can serve even more customers even better. And he does this well, if you look at how many new branches and employees have been added recently. He tells his story about the recent international expansion.

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"Things have been moving fast lately. We already had the ambition to go international. Now it’s becoming a reality. Last January we took over Media599: a creative digital production agency on Curaçao. Not a bad place to have an office ... I went to Curacao with Jerry (founder/partner at Loyals) for a few days to arrange the takeover. Besides a drink in the tropical beach bars and a dip in the pool in the morning, we worked very hard.

We were in the middle of the acquisition when we met Alex. Alex is Managing Director of online marketing agency Second Minds. He shares an office with Media599. We got talking and really clicked. We talked about his growth ambition and his vision, mainly focused on the South American market. Quite a nice coincidence, because we had already been thinking about expanding with Loyals towards South America for quite some time. Business is really booming there. Especially in our area. So, we had plenty of subjects to talk about with Alex. He told us that he’ll soon be setting up a new Second Minds office in Medellín, Colombia. Medellín is seen as the Silicon Valley of South America. He really wants to focus on that region with Second Minds.

Not 1 but 2

Then it happened. Alex asked us if we would like to take over the customers and activities of Second Minds Curaçao with Loyals. He said an acquisition like that fits perfectly within its international strategy. Naturally, we were flabbergasted for a moment, but it felt right straight away. What a plot twist ... We were there to arrange one acquisition and were leaving with 2. Strange, when you think about it. But, no time to waste: by April 2018 we took over Second Minds Curaçao.

And that’s not all. We are going to South America with Alex. Together, we will set up the office from Medellín. I am very happy with this development. We have been accepted on to an interesting government project that focuses on digital innovation: Ruta N. We are going to build on Colombia’s digital revolution with local talent. As a Premier Google Partner, Loyals totally fits in. We see enormous opportunities for further growth in knowledge and quality.

What’s in it for you?

Our move abroad is not only interesting for us, but also for our customers. Because that’s what it’s all about, that remains the most important thing. This expansion ensures our current production capacity. A valuable advantage, if you look at the overall shortages of technical personnel in our industry.

When the working day is done in the Netherlands, the Loyals in Colombia & Curaçao still continue for hours. So, there’s no stopping us. We can now also serve our customers in several languages through the acquisitions. Not only in Dutch and English, but also in Spanish and Papiamento. In addition, we have extra international expertise available. Win-win, as I see it.

Let’s grow

We are supported by Google and by the local government. That is a great incentive to grow internationally with Loyals. To get even more expertise, even more manpower, even more locations, even more extensive availability. And all that to offer even better services. We now work from the Netherlands with a team of more than 100 professionals. I think it’s a good time to expand abroad. We really are ready for the adventure. In addition to the two offices in the Netherlands, we can now discover new markets from Malaga, Curaçao and Colombia. How amazing is that?"

About Loyals

Loyals is a brand communication agency for the world of tomorrow. We build brands and let companies grow by working from the core of an organization. We don't just want to keep up but stay ahead. This way we can advise and continue to co-create with our customers and we ensure that they too are ready for the future. At Loyals we work on the growth of our clients every day, through strong marketing and communication tools. From strategy to online marketing, from design to online development and events.

Loyals clients include Aalberts, Pocketmenu, Nederlandse Brandwondenstichting, Rentokil Initial, Sanquin, Universiteit van Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, de Yoghurt Barn, Aderans Benelux, Bergman Clinics, Crazy Piano’s, Ekoplaza, Eigen Haard, Elsevier, Fynch, Gemeente Amsterdam, Ikea, Lutz & Top Movers.

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