Loyals LATAM Medellín, Mercado Shops’ official new partner

The internet has given a new twist to commerce and marketing. The online world has endless possibilities to promote products, services and brands. So, it is important to have an ally that really serves as a secure platform and is well structured to increase online sales easily and effectively.

Loyals as a Brand Management Agency is constantly trying to boost its clients’ performance. In search of the ‘next big thing’ we were looking for one of the biggest commercial clients, which would make our work even greater.

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The journey to a new level begins!

Anxiously, we decided to make a trip from Medellín to Bogotá. We went there with our knowledge and experience, so we could show people what over 10 years of Google Ads experience looks like. Also, we wanted to take the step up to the next level, which is the world of e-commerce.

We’ve come to the right place!

In Bogotá we had our first experience in meeting the management and team of Mercado Shops, in their offices of MercadoLibre, one of the giants in world of e-commerce.

They were receptive to our ideas, believed in our expertise and our desire to be their partner. We gained their trust and support and we now have the opportunity to work with their biggest clients, for whom we optimize the websites and social networks, by creating Google Ads and social media ads campaigns.

The challenge begins

We as Loyals saw our first test as a great opportunity. We were asked to create campaigns for Black Friday season, which resulted in successful conversions, both in Google Ads as well as in social media ads. Not completely satisfied yet, we tried to reach another level, in the form of the creation of Cyber Week campaigns. We obtained great results, which reflected in the increased ROI of our customers. These results have inspired us to take the next step, which is becoming part of Mercado Shops as one of its official partners and commercial allies in Latin America. The ultimate goal is to not only have great presence in Colombia, but also in countries such as Mexico and Argentina.

We passed many tests with several of Mercado Shops' clients in Colombia, demonstrating our great capacity to take on challenges, and not only by meeting them, but also by overcoming them. These results allowed us to show ourselves as the ideal partner, since we are the union between experience and effective work.

It is a pleasure for us, being part of one the giants of online marketing, such as MercadoLibre and its Mercado Shops platform. It is an alliance that will strengthen our presence in Latin America. They help many brands and companies by building a successful online store, by configuring the website and they make sure that the products arrive safely. We help with design, the configuration and optimization of the campaigns and their website. We do all this to obtain an increase in sales and achieve effective business through online advertising, which will generate hundreds of secure purchases and satisfied customers.


Ahead of the game!

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