Marketing communication annual planning - necessary or nonsense?

Start the year properly and take a moment to plan the annual marketing communication. Before you know it, you lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the day and you forget to market your company. Planning never goes the way you imagine it, but that’s certainly no reason not to make an annual plan. If a special promotion is planned, you go to a trade show or want to launch a new product, it’s wise to spend some time on this. But even if you have no special activity planned, it’s sensible to make an annual plan and work on your brand awareness. With a well-designed campaign you ensure that your company is, and remains, clearly visible.

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Annual planning of marketing communication at a glance

Keep the planning short and general. Don’t write complete essays, with all the tasks already organised. This will take lot of time at the beginning of the year and will cause the planning to miss its goal: A clear annual planning that creates peace. See the example below.



  1. Make a clear annual plan with all the marketing communication actions you want to take.
  2. Don’t write down every task but keep it general, because you’ll be wasting time on organising the planning tasks.
  3. Assign responsibility for each part, so people can make a detailed planning per action.
  4. Discuss the annual planning with the responsible persons, as they will be implementing the planning.
  5. Keep the planning realistic and reserve space for unexpected events that you want to respond to.

Make a tight schedule but be flexible. Don’t view the planning as something to hold on to tightly, but as a guideline.

On to results

We like to be involved as early as possible in your communication process. That’s why we are happy to help you with your annual marketing communication plan and create a well-thought-out operation for the year. Whether it’s a product launch or simply maintaining your brand awareness.

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