Mobile Devices and the Millennials

Who are the Millenials and why are they a strong audience?

According to research and thousands of media outlets it can be agreed that this generation starts with young people born in the 80's, up to 96', and that these are a digital generation. They have a giant connection to the internet and are used to getting the information they need quickly, as they are a hyper-connected generation. All this makes them different from their previous generations.


According to reports made by the information and media company Nielsen, they declare that most young people of this generation consume streaming content anywhere, anytime, pointing to the mobile device, videos and social networks as essential for them as they are part of their daily lives. This explains the exponential increase in the use of the smartphone, and as everything has been adapted to it so that consumers of this generation are consumers of anything that is promoted or played by this device.

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Increased use of mobile devices

The increase in the use of the smartphone has made the different websites or information portals friendly to these devices, creating a slight shift to the desktop (desktop PC). It has become the new primary connection, because individuals access much more through their cell phones than from their computers, so that they stay connected wherever they go.

Approximately 90% of the millennial generation of people stay connected online on a daily basis and almost uninterrupted, addicted to life online!


Although you can still use your desktop to make online purchases or fill out lead forms, more than 40% of brand ambassadors or influencers (and their followers) also use their smartphones for online shopping. They don't do it as much from their PCs, since their lives depend on being on top of everything with their cell phones, and the offers, purchases and promotions visible through this medium are no exception.


Important Google changes

Currently, all platforms are undergoing constant changes in their algorithms, such as what has happened with Instagram; and in this sense Google is no exception. The latest changes made by the information giant in its huge platform consist in the fact that the positioning method has changed. When showing the web pages they give priority to the mobile version of those websites that have two different versions, which means that companies or brands that only have one page, but with two versions the mobile and the desktop, to be correctly visible and adaptable both for PC's and cell phones.


This change occurred because the increased use of mobile phones invited to meet the high demand of users by this means.


Is it good to adapt to these changes?

Of course! Without a doubt it is extremely important to be always informed with the trends in marketing and all the online platforms, to apply them for your benefit, so that your strategies are kept up to date, and to achieve our objectives to the fullest.

But, be careful, this does not mean that we have to apply all the current trends that exist and because there are a lot, we only have to focus and think about those that can provide us with advantages and benefits, and then analyze the results based on the reaction and interaction of users.

Constant changes mean constant opportunities, we just have to dare to innovate, apply new actions and analyze the results according to the users' reaction.

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