Part of the Loyals: Media599

Loyals goes Caribbean!

The acquisition of Media599 not only expands our customer base, experiences and expertise, but also adds a new branch in very attractive location: Curaçao.

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Media599 #partoftheloyals!

Founder Wouter Meeuwisse of Media599: "For a long time I was looking for the perfect international partner to take Media599 to a higher level. When I talked to Loyals, I was very impressed with what they have achieved. I didn’t expect this would ultimately lead to a takeover."

Founders Youri Lieberton and Jerry Remmers of Loyals: "At first we were working on expansion in the Netherlands, but immediately saw the many possibilities that a collaboration with Media599 would bring us. We see Curaçao as a beautiful market with many opportunities and a perfect hub in the Caribbean and South America. "

Wouter remains active as director on Curaçao and the team will soon be expanded with developers and designers. We want to work with schools and agencies in Curaçao and in the Caribbean to give talent the opportunity to develop within our organization. Customers can contact us for graphic needs, loyalty & savings programs, websites, apps, social media campaigns or events.

Wouter sees many additional benefits for existing Media599 customers: "Our customers can expect even more and faster service and support from us. Not only can we now offer better customized solutions, we can switch quickly with extensive expertise in the right marketing-communication mix. " Loyals builds brands and lets companies grow by working from the core of an organization. Always looking for "the next big thing" because the market is constantly changing. "We don’t just wish to keep up, but we want to stay ahead. In this way we can advise and continue to co-create with our customers. This way we ensure that they too are ready for the future."

Loyals works for Aalberts, Pocketmenu, Nederlandse Brandwondenstichting, Rentokil Initial, Sanquin, Universiteit van Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, de Yoghurt Barn, Aderans Benelux, Bergman Clinics, Crazy Piano’s, Ekoplaza, Eigen Haard, Elsevier, Fynch, Gemeente Amsterdam, Ikea, Lutz & Top Movers, and others.

We are still looking for talent to strengthen our team on Curaçao. We are looking for developers, graphic designers and interns. Email your CV and motivation to

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