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The economy in our country is doing well. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have probably already noticed. The gross domestic product has been rising sharply for years and consumer confidence is back. And in 2019, many Dutch entrepreneurs expect growth in their turnover and employee numbers. At the same time, more and more companies are also indicating that they are suffering from a shortage of employees, which is obstructing their growth. Especially in the marketing communication sector, where the demand for new, high-quality employees is the biggest.

Does this look familiar to you? In my blog I explain to you what makes this search so complex and what possibilities it offers you.

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Hook up or drop out

The online playing field has been developing at a murderous pace for years. The development of social media and the growth of video content (YouTube is the largest search engine after Google!) have only just landed when voice search and marketing automation are just around the corner. And what about artificial intelligence, virtual reality and chat bots? Super cool, right?

Thanks to this marketing evolution, there are continuous opportunities in the market to develop as a company. Do you already seize these opportunities? High five, good job. Or do you notice that you are not yet achieving the desired results with your efforts? That's a pity, but not unusual. Because I notice that many companies are struggling to seize new opportunities.

Online marketing is not just a matter of having a good ranking in Google or sending out a newsletter every now and then. It stands or falls with a good strategy. A strategy with distinctiveness and often cross-media coordination. One week you may need to focus more on online video, the next week the Google Ads need to be adjusted. Maybe in between you also need to write content for a good ranking or for your email marketing. And have you already thought about the objectives of your efforts? Because the use of a tool is not an end in itself. Building the growth of your brand for a long time to come is. Precisely from that distinctive strategy.

Employer branding

Setting up a strategy is just not as easy as it sounds. It is a long-term process in which you need people who understand their profession. And this is where things often go wrong. In finding quality marketing FTEs. Because especially in the period of rapid development, it is extremely important that your staff has the necessary expertise and continues to develop their knowledge. And where recruiting good staff is difficult, retaining the right people may be even more difficult. Because do you offer good staff enough opportunities for growth? And do you succeed in making them part of your corporate culture? Of course, it's a waste of your efforts to recruit people, if you can't hold on to them.


The demand for marketing managers and brand strategists is enormous. And not just the marketers who are currently in between jobs. The top jobs that already work for you are also in demand. That's logical, because someone who ensures that your brand grows in the long term, is worth its weight in gold. This is due to the speed at which the market is developing. Because you want (read: must) as a company to remain visible.

What are your possibilities?

How do you ensure that you attract the right specialists? You can put a vacancy online and hope to trigger the right people. Or you can hire a recruiter to take the recruitment and selection process off your hands. But what assignment do you give them? What kind of specialist are you looking for? The time when an online marketer could do anything for you, is pretty much over. You can't expect someone to have all the skills.

Of course, you can make a real impact from a specialism. And there are plenty of them. Because can your content marketer also use marketing automation? Does your Google Ads specialist also know about display and shopping campaigns? And does your social manager know the ins and outs of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? One-size fits all may work with hats, but not (anymore) with online marketing.

Have you ever considered outsourcing it? We, as a brand communication agency, have a team of over 80 specialists. From online to offline and from brand to strategy. For each means we have a Loyal. With our own The Road Marketing we help you to build a strong brand. Not only operational, but also strategic. We can let our efforts grow with your company without you having to recruit new staff, with all the cost, quality and on-board risks that this entails.

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