The keys to creating strategies to sell during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Season

Using marketing and consumption as strategies to sell is without a doubt a good idea, since it is expected that a wave of people may be attracted to make purchases because of special offers. They will get what they wanted for a long time, but for a better price. This goes for clothes, electronics, video game consoles and much more. Seasons like that are in great demand!

Both seasons began in the US but have become increasingly popular in al parts of the world in the last 3 years. Latin America is no exception, which shows in e-commerce. Companies and brands that have online presence see a great opportunity in these significant days to start discount or pre-Christmas campaigns. This results in promotions with great discounts, and they result in great opportunities to generate more sales and increase conversions.

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Dates for these promotions

In order to take advantage of these special prices, you should note that Black Friday will be held worldwide on Friday 29 November 2019, and Cyber Monday will take place on Monday 2 December 2019.


Have Black Friday and Cyber Monday changed consumer habits?

Consumers have changed their way of shopping, as they take care of unnecessary expenses and thus take advantage of the perfect time to buy at this time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, resulting in less cost for the products they want, which perhaps at the beginning of the year were higher in price.


Selling during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Need ideas to get more out of your online campaigns for this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Take a look at these suggestions:

1.       Send your email marketing campaigns in advance - it's always ahead of the game! While your competition keeps thinking about what kind of strategies to use, you can go ahead and start sending an email to your customer list about your super discounts, so they can make their wish list in advance. The effectiveness goes hand in hand with the promotional message. Customize your campaign message for different types of customers, and take the foresight to send the email at peak times.

2.       If you create a special landing page for Cyber Monday or Black Friday, do not delete it! Why? By creating a permanent landing page for these promotions you will continue to accumulate SEO throughout the year and be at the top during these key dates. Just make sure the content is relevant and kept up to date.

3.       Use Countdown Ads! Making a countdown visible on your product pages is a simple and effective way to get conversions and capture the attention of your target audience. You can use these ads to tell when your offer will start and another to notify when it will end, creating expectations with eye-catching publications.

4.       Create combos or packs of related products at a reduced price, to make your offers more attractive.

5.       Implement video ads. Surprise your target! Bet on making advertising videos for your campaigns, since they have better engagement, because they connect better and people are more likely to watch them. It is a tool on Instagram that is gaining a lot of strength and will help us reach the youngest and most assiduously consuming audience, for example; in the Stories.

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