The right font

In corporate branding, most people think of a logo and colours, but the right font is just as important. If the fonts are chosen properly and used consistently, this may be enough to make your brand recognizable. But why choose a particular font?

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Just my type

In our previous blogs, we already indicated how important a logo or colour is in a corporate identity, this goes for fonts too. As with all other corporate identity elements, it’s important to know what feeling the font should convey. Especially with a word brand it’s important that the chosen font sets exactly the right tone. Generally, letters with serif (Times New Roman, Georgia) set a more traditional and serious tone, while sans serif (Helvetica, Calibri) is often seen as modern and timeless. This of course is very short-sighted, and within these two classifications, there are numerous subcategories to provide a corporate identity with an even more specific design.


Do you read me?

Use is also important, whether it’s in the text of a flyer or a billboard, you want your message to be read and understood. A simple but nice example is the 'If It's Hard to Read, It's Hard to Do' study. This scientific study asked two different groups to read a fitness exercise. One group received the text in Arial, the other group in a somewhat less known and handwritten font. Then both groups were asked how long they thought the exercises would take them. The outcome was surprising; the group with the handwritten font thought it would take almost twice as long. This shows that unconsciously, font may have a large impact on readability, but also on how it comes across to the receiver of the information.


Match made in heaven

Are there multiple fonts in the corporate identity? If so, then it’s very important that these reinforce each other. As with colour, the contrast between combining fonts also important. You could select one font family and play around with bold and thin variations of the letters (ton-su-ton). Think of thin, regular, italic, medium, bold, heavy variations. Or go for 2 totally different families that, by contrast, in their own way and functionally reinforce each other.


An exclusive handwriting

Do you want to emphasize your corporate identity even more, and communicate in exclusive handwriting? You could have your own font developed. One of the biggest reasons for this choice is to increase recognisability. In the long run, your own font will add just as much DNA to the corporate identity as a logo, because you are the only one who communicates in that particular handwriting. Companies that have had their own fonts designed are, for example: PostNL, Rijksoverheid, Intel, Heineken, Tui, Google, Adidas.

Another reason why a company has its own font designed is to solve a certain problem. A good example of this is Apple. Apple has since exchanged the font Myriad Pro for their own designed font 'San Fransisco' to accommodate all expressions and purposes. Various styles have been specially designed for the Apple Watch, for example. There’s even a presentation about the font, very interesting!

Interesting huh?

Nowadays, developing a custom font is much more accessible and doesn’t have to be that expensive. Do you want your own font or do you want advice on which existing font fits your corporate identity? Let us know and we will get on it.

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