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At the end of last year, Google, quite unexpectedly, published a new update to measure the speed of your website. For many websites - probably yours as well - this meant a sudden drop in score. How is this possible? And what can we do to get the score up again? Let's dive into the world of Google Ranking.

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Ranking on Google: that's what everyone wants with a website. Your product and/or service should be found on Google in the best possible way. Google constantly carries out checks to determine the quality of your website. The higher the score of the check, the better your website can be found on Google. As simple as that.

One of the parts, Google is looking at is page speed, or: the speed of your website. The faster the website, the higher the score. We want you to score high with your website, so we make sure you get a high page speed. Until recently this went very well: the score was always around 100. Maximum score!

Why is a high page speed score important?

If you are browsing yourself, you know how annoying it is to have to wait for the page to load. Even a few seconds is too much. We get impatient and click through, or back; somewhere else. For you as an organization, this means a lost visitor. A shame, because this also means a lost (potential) conversion.

An optimal user experience (UX): that's what it's all about. That's why Google acts as a strict agent; slow sites are on the penalty bench. Well-performing websites get a higher Google ranking. This also means higher search results.

Are you counting? Top ranking + good UX = more visitors to your website. More visitors = higher conversion on balance; elementary economy. Higher conversion rates is the third - and for your company most tangible - advantage of a super-fast page speed. 

Unexpected Google update

Google wouldn't be Google if it were constantly changing. Quite unexpectedly, Google integrated a new speed tool. Google Page Speed Insights, a kind of Analytics for loading speed data, got a new update with Lighthouse. Lighthouse offers advanced quality check tools for websites.

To be honest: our developers were shocked when the page speed results after the Google update suddenly fell sharply. Ironically, the new tool for mobile page speed - the loading speed of pages on mobile phones - has caused a huge drop. Follow the red line in the table below. The abrupt drop of check 771 is the exact moment that the update was implemented.


Overall score Loyals website on Page Speed

Luckily, it's not just doom and gloom. As you can see, the score for desktop web speed has increased. But especially since mobile friendly is important now, this score has to be good.

What does this mean for your website?

Since the last Google update, new quality criteria have come into play. As you can see in the table, the score of desktop displays has increased. Good sign - your website on PCs and laptops meets all the data requirements that Lighthouse has described as 'important'. In addition, Google Page Speed gives an indispensable signal for web use on mobile devices. Mobile first is the trend that was started a few years ago.

Partly due to the increasing speed of the internet, it is important that you have a responsive website. With the integration of Lighthouse there are many more things being tested than before. The entire mobile web market has been hit hard.

After all, what is the trend that we can see from this update? Google wants you to present your mobile website as an app. Data that Lighthouse analyses in real time from Chrome shows that users (users, visitors) of sites that feel like apps make more targeted, longer and more effective use of them.

New requirements are for example that your website on mobile devices can also function without the internet, and that it is more accessible for people with a visual handicap.

Website optimization - Next steps

The page speed has to go up again, that's clear. After the update, our developers immediately set to work on optimizing all websites. This is what we have done so far: 

  • Optimizing the loading time of images
  • The requested 'manifest file' is now offered by default
  • A laundry list of technical implementations

This is a good start to bring the mobile page speed score back to the top level. As it has always been.

Now it's time for the next step. Although the score is still just 'good', we want to get the load speed rating of all our developed websites back to the max. Our developers are going to do a lot of optimization in the near future.

Curious what we can do for your website? Then please contact us. Our specialists are ready for you!

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