UX trend: Navigation moves to bottom on mobile!

Facebook and Google experimented at the end of 2016/beginning 2017 with moving the navigation of their apps from traditional top, to the bottom. This UX trend now seems to really be followed through in apps, websites & webshops. But why?

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The answer is actually very simple, the smartphones we use are getting bigger and bigger. This makes it more difficult to hold a smartphone in one hand, let alone to move the thumb up to navigate. Give it a try; you will notice that it feels much more natural to press the bottom of your smartphone with your thumb.

Do you feel this is much more natural? Beautiful! We expect that within the next few months a huge shift from navigation to the bottom will take place on both websites and apps.

We as Loyals like to be "Ahead of the game" and that's why we have developed a template for our partner Pocketmenu that has all the important navigation tools at the bottom.

Pocketmenu is the specialist in the field of websites in the hospitality industry. Components such as location, reservation, menu card and menu are therefore the most important elements of a website provided by Pocketmenu. By moving the navigation to the bottom it’s possible to reach all important navigation tools with one swipe.

Google Chrome moves URL-BAR to the bottom

Chrome has moved the URL bar down in a "beta" release. Have you installed Chrome on your Android smartphone and the URL bar isn’t at the bottom yet, but you want to try it?


Follow the steps below to easily change the position of the URL bar.

  • step 1: Open the Chrome browser
  • step 2: Navigate to: chrome://flags
  • step 3: Go to Chrome Home and set it to: Enabled.

You may have to restart your browser a few times to see the result.

What does this mean for my website?

Check whether it’s possible to move the navigation or parts of it and check whether the design of your website or webshop allows you to adjust the position.

Do you wonder whether it might be smart for your website to change the position of the navigation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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