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Good news: the 3-second rule (yes, picking up food up off the floor) doesn’t apply to social media. A powerful post can be absorbed by the human brain within 1 second! Only if it stands out among all other posts. How? Visuals are the way to go! And fortunately there are some useful tools for that.

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Below you will find 3 free design apps with which you can easily create powerful posts. Which content you can best process with these, you can read in my blog: 'Does your content marketing result in Nothing?’

With regard to the following 3 free design apps, my preference is Adobe Spark. But some of my colleagues prefer working with Canva, and perhaps Pablo will be your favourite. So I would say: check out all three of them and judge for yourself.

1. Dynamic design with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is my personal favourite. When opening, you start from a 'wall of inspiration'. You can build your post all the way from scratch, but I find it quicker to get a sample post in the base that is suitable for the expression I want to make. I then convert this to my final post.

For the background image you can choose from Adobe's royalty-free library. Handy if you don’t have a suitable image available yourself. But of course it’s more fun and personal to upload your own image.

What's also great: you can easily convert any design to a different size. For example, if you want to create an Insta Story from your Facebook post, you adjust the format and Adobe Spark will immediately give all elements a nice new place. You don’t have to rebuild your design!

TIP I: Adobe Spark automatically puts the logo at the bottom of your template. If you double-click this you can easily delete it for free.

TIP II: Add an effect to your design to make your post stand out. You do this by clicking on 'Edit' and then continue to 'Effects'. For example, you can make your text appear in your post from a fade or zoom in on your image. Then save your design as a video to preserve the effects. 

2.  Make social posting easy with Canva

Canva is one of the most popular design apps for social media posts. If you’re someone without any design skills, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see what you can do in Canva with just a few clicks.

The app is super easy to use. You choose a template first from the library. You can then customize everything. Put in new texts, choose the right colours, the font and place any additional shapes in your design. With a few clicks your design is ready to be shared.

TIP: If you upgrade Canva to the paid version for $12.95 USD per month, you have the option to upload your corporate identity elements in the app. For example, you can ensure that your texts are in the correct font and you can add style elements. Definitely worth considering when increasing your brand awareness is one of your goals.

3. Design & plan your post with Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is the most basic design tool of the three. It has few editing possibilities, but that’s why it can be nice to work with.

Choose from one of the 3 formats, select an image and add a maximum of 3 text blocks. Because Pablo is part of Buffer, you can immediately schedule your post for publication. But it’s not necessary to use Buffer. You can also download your design and post it yourself on Twitter, Facebook. Instagram or Pinterest.

TIP: Within Pablo you can choose from more than 600,000 free images. When you place a filter over the image in the menu on the left, you can directly adjust the look and feel of your design.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get on with at least one of the above design apps. Would you like extra help with design or would you like a good basis for your corporate identity? Our Design team will be happy help you!  

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