Waze Ads 101: What are they? And how can they be useful?

Since its creation, the Waze platform has played a fundamental role in Mobility for Brands, where the main goal is to view cities from a whole new perspective, rethinking consumer habits and seeing traffic as an opportunity for brands.

With more than 100 million monthly users, Waze, which was launched in 2006 and was acquired by Google in 2010, has the advantage that it’s built by its users and it allows them to establish a different kind of connection with brands. For instance, the platform itself leads its users to any point of sale, and because of that, Waze knows exactly where the users, or wazers, are headed to!

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Waze Ads – a new opportunity

Waze Ads are a great opportunity to reach users in a non-traditional way, erupting the media ecosystem. Thanks to the fact that the ads are interactive and mobility based, Waze Ads can be triggered in three main moments:

  • Before starting a trip: Search Ads
  • During the trip: Pins Ads
  • During the stops: Take Over Ads

 Every previous moment mentioned it’s a Waze Ad built that belongs to the platform, making them easy to use by brands.


When is the right moment to use Waze Ads?

Search Ads:

  • When your intention is to reach the top places on a web search.
  • Branding positioning.
  • To generate location awareness for your brand stores.
  • To reach viewability against competitors.

Pins Ads:

  • When you want to inform about offers and promos for your brand.
  • To generate location awareness or venues where your brand products are visible on the wazer road.

Take Over or Zero Speed:

  • When you want to approach drivers that are using their phones when pull over, safety first.
  • To inform about an offer or detailed promo, looking to trigger a call-to-action with your brand.
  • To generate awareness about sales points or stores.

With Waze Ads you can also take advantage of day times to communicate with users, like sending them a push notification just before starting their routines and even develop re-targeting strategies.


Waze Ads allow to take advantage of user’s behaviors and see when is the right moment to show your brand.

These contexts can be as simple as the trips made between Home and Work, weather conditions, traffic and kilometers distance.

Waze Ads are meant to be a great tool to be added to your brand strategy, reach your clients, tell a better story and drive them to your sales point.

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