What is Social Media Marketing and how can you be successful in the world of Social Media?

Social Media Marketing is extremely important as every brand or company converts all its strategic actions into digital marketing strategies and since they have a strong focus on social networks. Since most of these online actions are aimed at the brand and the consumer audience that is in these networks, it is important to make their products and services known. This in order to create that long-awaited "click" between the brand and the user, and to create a real link to build brand loyalty and successful sales.

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All this must be worked out in conjunction with:

  • SEO strategies;
  • Email marketing;
  • Content creation marketing;
  • Influencer marketing.


Within social media marketing, how you do communication, how regular you post something, the language you use and the approach you take should be different for every platform. Not every network handle things the same way: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and many others, they should all be handled with differently. To give an example; what you say in Facebook should be different from what you say in YouTube, since the platforms are very different.

What social media marketing strategies can we use?

There are a lot of options that trigger social media marketing strategies, and it is essential for a starting business. We will focus on the three most important ones that include different processes, which are Social Media Advertising, Inbound Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, the big social media giant, has its own advertising platform called Facebook Ads. It is one of the most used platforms by brands that want to develop their social media marketing strategy. This because it has a great advantage, being that it allows you to create and segment audiences.

Facebook Ads allows you to have complete, real and constant information about the conversions that are generated in an ad or publication. This tool has, in addition, another facility, which is to viralize content, with a flexible program and a very low investment percentage.

On the other hand, we have Twitter Ads, which allows you to promote accounts, promote tweets or promote trends to viralize content. In the case of promoted accounts, the brand only assumes the cost of the ad for each user who becomes a new follower by clicking and following.

In the most popular photography network, such as Instagram, its growth has been staggering, and as it grows, it increases the possibilities of developing much better online marketing actions. Now you can choose to promote publications to increase the reach of the post, get direct traffic to the website by simply generating an ad on the network, achieve site conversions, invite users to download applications easily and, something new, promote stories. Great!

Social Media Inbound Marketing

With this strategy you can develop actions that are part of a whole, which also contributes to content marketing, SEO, email marketing and marketing, achieving the implementation of actions that generate advantages to your brand in the market.

The main thing to know is that every action to be taken in social networks must be based on offering quality content, and of course, answer questions or concerns that may have our target audience (potential buyers) and achieve a click with them.

It is important to emphasize that the correct and responsible use of Calls to Action (CTAs) is fundamental, as well as the links sent to those who will be redirected to the destination page and articles in which more high value content will be offered.

Influencer Marketing

With this type of marketing, brands have achieved a new way of spreading their products and services, and to establish links with many people (followers of these influencers). Not only is this the cheapest and most direct way than other traditional media, you can also get hundreds of followers with only one person to give an opinion about your brand or product. This means that others (customers / people who do not know your product) have an opinion about what you offer. Here you can apply "one opinion is worth a thousand words", and more when they come from a person with a lot of influence in front of so many people.

It offers 4 excellent advantages that you should take into account:

1. SEO positioning

It works like this:

The followers of such influencers usually comment on everything they talk or do, that's why, if influencers generate content about your brand, their followers will also do it. This creates a promotional chain, increasing the amount of content about your product, brand or service, generated by real users.


2. They improve your reputation in their online community (followers)

When an influencer gives a good opinion about your brand, this will greatly influence the image that their followers build about your product, since their followers trust their opinion a lot. If they give a good opinion, you will have immediate approval, if they give a bad opinion you will be in serious trouble, since not only will there be the bad opinion of that influencer, but that of his thousands of followers as well.


3. They generate interaction

They help a lot in the production of reactions and conversations that have to do with your brand or the product you offer. This will increase your interactions in social networks, comments, likes, appearance in websites and blogs, since they make your information go viral, inciting many people to share it.


4. They increase visits to your website

How does this work? Well, through recommendations and links that they make to their followers, they manage to bring a greater number of visits to your website which translates into an increase in your sales or conversions.

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