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GrandVision is a global leader in eye care with more than 7,000 stores in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It employs more than 36,000 employees, each of whom has their own role and responsibilities within the organization. All these employees must be trained, appropriate to the position they fulfil. Obviously, providing training to such a large number of employees is a challenge. This was also the reason for the GrandVision Academy learning platform, which was designed and developed by Loyals Group label Gravity.

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With the learning platform GrandVision Academy, GrandVision invests in the training of its employees in order to remain the market leader. After all, well-trained employees add value to the company and ultimately to the consumer.

GrandVision asked Gravity to develop a learning development platform (LDP) where employees can easily acquire challenges and learning material at any location, anywhere in the world, and on any device. The main question was: how do you ensure a successful training program for an international company with different market locations and how do you present this learning program to employees in different functions?


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GrandVision Academy
GrandVision Academy
GrandVision Academy
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We prototyped various ideas to remove impediments, to lower the onboarding threshold and ensure maximum involvement among employees. These prototyped ideas were tested with different employees to see if the motivation for- and acceptance of learning through the GrandVision Academy was satisfactory. The feedback on this assessment was then implemented in the platform.

The GrandVision Academy offers a clear learning platform where you can offer specific training courses for each job profile, so that you, as an employee, receive exactly the knowledge and skills to perform your work optimally. The learning platform tracks the progress of employees and new training courses are easy to add. There are now more than 3800 training courses in the GrandVision Academy.

“During this journey Gravity discovered our needs, our potential and showed us how all promises can become true! Thank you for your brightness and dedication. Having Gravity in the team makes the GrandVision Academy cool and stronger!”

The learning platform is actively used by 21,300 employees from 25 countries. In total, more than one million training courses have now been followed. Managers can keep track of the progress of employees and draw conclusions from this. The ease of use and success of the platform ensured that more and more countries want to join. This resulted in further development in which new wishes and features follow each other in rapid succession.

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