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Heyu is a new recruitment platform that brings together supply and demand of jobseekers and employers. But with a twist. Where normally the job seeker has to profile himself, it is now up to the employer to offer the company and the job as attractive as possible. The core roles of employer and job seekers have thus been reversed. Motivation letters? No longer of this time. Traditional resume? Get rid of it. Gravity was asked to develop a user-friendly and scalable platform with a seamless user experience and appropriate design that brings the labor market together in an innovative and impactful way.

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Heyu is a startup of the BookThat Group, the holding company from which Janic Makizodila and his associates have also started other startups. Started with booking platform BookThat. A supply and demand platform where artists and creatives can be booked by clients and at the same time work on their online visibility. Janic himself worked for a temporary employment agency before he started his business. That is where the first ideas for Heyu originated.

“It’s always the same song and dance. A company puts a vacancy online for which someone then applies. In theory a nice plan, but statistics and the current labor market  and mentality of today’s employee show that this no longer works in practice.”

“It’s always the same tune. A company puts a vacancy online for which someone then applies. In theory a nice plan, but figures and the current labor market show that this no longer works in practice,” says Makizodila. He now knows: the recruitment process must change. “Less focus on hard skills and more attention to who the professional really is. Looking at a combination of personality, motivations, cultural values ​​and cognitive skills.”


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On the Heyu platform, professionals build a unique profile – for free – based on personality tests. The assessments consist of a personality and cultural values ​​test, a drive test and a cognitive test. The affiliated companies in turn fill in values ​​that are important to the organization. For example, the desired culture values ​​and motivations. Based on both outcomes, Heyu uses machine learning to match the professionals with organizations and vacancies.

The professional then sees which vacancies and organizations he or she has been matched with, after which he or she can indicate that they are interested. The organization can then only view an anonymized profile of the professional. You can see, among other things, the work experience, interests and previous positions. And therefore not the name of the person, photo, telephone number, exact place of residence and e-mail address.

Only when interest has been expressed from both sides and the professional gives permission for his or her profile to be made public, will this become fully visible. The next step in the process is to make an appointment. The date for this can be initiated from both the professional and the company. Once the interview has taken place, the platform can also indicate whether the person has been placed.

Janic Makizodila – founder
“Gravity fully understood the innovative vision we had in mind with Heyu. The platform had to make almost 3 million calculations and comparisons in the first 3 months. The impact this has on the platform and the technology is enormous. Being able to think along with this scalability was therefore essential for us.”

Even before launch, more than fifty companies were already affiliated with Heyu. Companies such as AFAS, Smartphonehoesjes.nl, Keune and the Covebo employment group were among the first to attend. New employers who see the value in this new way of recruiting continue to emerge. In a very short time, more than 1,000 professionals have registered. Meanwhile, the platform has also spawned several successful matches. And the counter of candidates and companies is still increasing.

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