Scaling 10 ID checks a day to 10,000+

From a hundred verification checks per week to no fewer than 10,000 per day. That is the growth that DataChecker has achieved in the past ten years. Loyals was at the cradle of that enormous growth spurt. You can read here how Loyals Datachecker has helped to transform digitally!

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DataChecker is the partner when it comes to smart online identification and verification solutions. The company does this for big names such as Randstad, PostNL, McDonalds and many fintech companies. With innovative technological solutions, DataChecker ensures lightning fast ID verifications, Right To Work Checks and customer remediation processes. These processes are fully automated, end-to-end secured and always compliant.


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A digital transformation journey with Loyals

DataChecker can be described as the one-stop-shop for everything related to online verification of personal and company data. But of course they didn’t start that way. When the company was still at the beginning of its success, many checks were (partly) done manually. We interviewed Walter Codée – founder and CEO of DataChecker.


Interview with Walter – founder 
“How we started was a labor intensive process and, in hindsight and in view of economies of scale, not sustainable. In 2014 I got to know Youri Lieberton and Loyals. We often sat around the table to discuss the growth opportunities of DataChecker. We soon concluded that our cooperation would start. So a year later I packed up my stuff and moved from Reeuwijk to Dock 15 in Mijdrecht. Because we literally came closer together, we were able to create a nice stable basis for further growth. That has definitely been the kickstart for today’s success.”

How did Loyals DataChecker help digitally transform?
“From the moment that DataChecker was under one roof with Loyals, we have made extensive use of among others the development and digital transformation specialists of Loyals. Among other things, they helped us build our own software. Of course we considered doing this in-house, but we wanted to remain scalable. For staying scalable and flexible you have to outsource things, it’s that simple. But outsourcing to Loyals’ software developers definitely didn’t feel like a must. Because we have the same DNA, the collaboration always runs smoothly. In fact, we are regularly surprised by the ladies and gentlemen of Loyals. They ask sharp questions that make us think and ultimately always help us further. The knowledge and experience of Loyals has become truly indispensable. Incidentally, also the knowledge with regard to, for example, video, branding and social.”


Can you give a concrete example of what Loyals has meant for Datachecker?

“A good example is that at one point we had a very extensive application with an enormous number of functions. It was developed with speed and efficiency in mind, so as not to miss any developments in the market. That meant we had a very short time to market, but also less margin. Finally, many software solutions were purchased from partners for speed. To increase that margin, Loyals has, for example, created a solution that performs the checks in-house. Of course with a smart dosage lever which allows us to manage capacity and waiting time. This way we lose nothing in speed and efficiency and at the same time we gain on margin.”

DataChecker & Loyals in numbers

“Where I once started alone, we now consist of a team of 30 people. And the ID checks have increased a thousandfold over time. We are no longer afraid of tens of thousands of checks per day  – we are ready for even more. That’s a really nice difference. The collaboration with Loyals has really contributed to that. I’m proud of that!”

Profielfoto van Commercieel Directeur van de Loyals Groep Tibor Uittenbogaard

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