Yoghurt Barn

Yoghurt Barn is a successful catering concept for organic yoghurt. After a start in Utrecht and Amsterdam in 2012, it has now grown to more than 10 branches in the Netherlands and in 2017 was declared Food Retailer of the Year.


Yoghurt Barn



01. Assignment

Loyals is the online partner of Yoghurt Barn from the start. We develop and maintain the website and jointly develop the online marketing results. Yoghurt Barn’s goal was to increase the number of reservations by 35%. In addition, they wanted to lower the costs for a reservation by 20%. 

02. Execution

Online marketing can mean, for example, making the location easy to find from all new branches, and online advertising on Facebook and Instagram for recruiting staff for these branches. We have also set up smart Adwords campaigns for High Tea, Brunch or Picnic reservations.

03. Result

Through a well-optimized Adwords campaign - not limited by a monthly budget, but an agreed max per reservation - we maximize the occupancy of the seats. The goal was to receive 35% more reservations. In the meantime, this has increased to no less than 150% more reservations. We also amply exceeded the target of 20% cost savings: the counter now stands at 75% cost savings per reservation.

With a beautiful and well-visited website (about 31,000 per month), more than 27,000 followers on Instagram and more than 42,000 likes on Facebook, the Yoghurt Barn has an excellent online presence. By making use of social advertising, the focus is on achieving sub-objectives such as introducing new products, new locations or finding customers and staff.

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