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Looking for a specific tie? You name it, they have it. In this webshop you will find a large range of colours, designs and ties of different materials. It doesn’t stop there. They supply cufflinks, bow ties, braces and other accessories.





01. Assignment

Stropdassenwinkel.nl wanted to take the step towards a responsive webshop. The sites ran on an outdated Drupal system and the 60 web shops spread over 10 countries could not be maintained in one system. In addition, there was no option for sharing the shopping basket within the verticals.

02. Execution

In cooperation with stropdassenwinkel.nl we developed a webshop in which all 60 web shops can be managed in one CMS. In addition to centralized product management, multilingualism and a super-fast search engine based on Elastica, the design was converted into a responsive design to serve all visitors - regardless of screen size.

03. Result

The result so far is that Stropdassenwinkel.nl needs much less time for product management and maintenance of the webshops. All visitors are provided with a webshop that works on every screen size.


Even though we were satisfied with Drupal, we opted to work with Loyals and therefore for a whole (new to us) CMS system. The choice was based on the feeling that Loyals understood us and their strength in content.

During the process the system proved to be flexible, all our needs could be processed and virtually nothing was impossible. Loyals considered our needs very well and provided solutions for the challenges we faced. In short, a flexible agency with a broad knowledge and professionalism.

Lobke Buijs - Stropdassenwinkel.nl
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