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Light & Living is a wholesale concept of Lightmakers B.V., which was founded more than 40 years ago in Noordwijk.

Originally manufacturer of lampshades, they know better than anyone what lighting can do with a room. Still, custom-made shades and limited editions are handmade in the studio in Noordwijk.


Light & Living



01. Assignment

On behalf of Lightmakers we devized a new international B2B e-commerce solution.

The challenge in this assignment included the development of a robust B2B platform that had to be linked to the API of the App4Sales platform of Optimizers. Through this platform the application communicates with the Exact back office.

02. Execution

Lightmakers initially needed a fast, user-friendly online ordering environment for its customers. We realized an appropriate responsive e-commerce solution for this. After delivery of this part, we continued developing to add inspiring elements to the webshop in addition to direct sales.

The decision to merge the website and webshop into one web application has worked out well. Because Lightmakers employees can manage everything within one CMS, the time needed to keep everything up-to-date is shortened. Moreover, this solution is particularly user-friendly.

The webshop was rolled out in 4 languages and 2 regions within 3 months. Namely Europe and the USA. The flexibility of our framework means that we can easily respond to all of the customer’s wishes. Our choice for a custom e-commerce solution instead of, for example, Magento is clearly paying off.

03. Result

The result of the new responsive webshop? The average order value has increased by 50%, more orders are placed on smartphones and the customers experience the range exactly as Lightmakers had in mind.

A web shop is never finished, neither is this one! Together with employees from various departments within Lightmakers, we are working to improve the user experience of existing and new customers. Related products, advice on shades, combined products, better search filters, targeted email marketing campaigns by linking Mailplus to the order history, customers and product range, expansions of languages and regions, digital brochures and much more. 

In addition to the web shop, Lightmakers is also developing a web application that allows Lightmakers to manage the order of their entire range in a visual but user-friendly way. Due to the diverse styles of the products and because the style advice can’t be captured in an automated process, we are currently developing a product sequencer with which (through multiple) drag & drop actions the entire collection can be constructed on 1 web page.

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