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When it comes to choices for the development of physiotherapy practice, equipment and training, the Fyzzio team is a discussion partner and supplier for physiotherapists.





01. Assignment

The new website should represent Fyzzio as the ideal partner for physiotherapists when it comes to improving the physiotherapy profession. The site must be well-organized, offer expertise, excel in user-friendliness and be ready for the future.

Content marketing is a spearhead for Fyzzio, we are not a 'warehouse' and like to share our knowledge and offer solutions for issues. Through content marketing we profile ourselves as an expert and valuable partner for physiotherapists. The aim is to create regular contact oppurtunities for Fyzzio over a longer period of time with a large number of physiotherapists.     

02. Execution

Fyzzio and Loyals have started to implement a content strategy through co-creation. This revealed personas, a tone of voice and instructions for authors that the website content should comply with. A design was created based on these results and Fyzzio’s corporate identity. The design fits seamlessly with the target group and also promotes Fyzzio’s internal interests.

03. Result

The result is a fast, easy-to-use adaptive website where the entire content can be easily managed by Fyzzio. Due to a good balance between branding and information, despite a large amount of information, the website has a clear layout. The entire content has been rewritten and SEO optimized. After 2 months there is already an increase in conversions to downloads of documentation and in important parameters such as the average session duration on the website.

Check out the result here!


"Working with Loyals has been perfect from the start. Their expertise, input, reaction speed and customer-friendliness mean I can really recommend Loyals to everyone! "

Janneke Hermans - Fyzzio
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