The healthiest village in the Netherlands

Ekoplaza, an organic supermarket chain with more than 70 stores. The goal of Ekoplaza is that everyone can enjoy a healthy, organic lifestyle. That is why they offer good products for a fair price.





01. Assignment

Think of a concept based on the success of EkoTown, which connects to various festivals. This way Ekoplaza can connect to existing festival formats, reach diverse audiences and areas in the country.

02. Execution

'EkoTown' is a biological pop-up village, but a smaller solution was appropriate in this case. The 'Ekotuin' in a scalable concept that can be connected to food truck festivals, sporting events and even music festivals. Ekotuin stands for a safe zone, a place where all the unaffordable benefits of Ekoplaza come to the fore. If you want to eat a hamburger, do it in our garden. You will be sure that it comes from cattle that are outside more often than inside. And you can choose from various veggie options, of course.

With clear signing in festival style, information was transferred to the various food points. Ekoplaza offered 14 of its suppliers a stage at the organic market. Here, visitors could talk directly with the supplier of their favourite product and take the products home for a good price. To complete the Ekoplaza experience, there was an acoustic line-up, an extensive children's corner and lots of places to hang out and enjoy.

03. Result

Ekoplaza claimed the only piece of green at the NDSM shipyard and introduced a new target group to their beautiful brand through this brand activation, during a well-known public festival.

Over 15,000 ‘Amsterdam Kookt’ visitors visited the Ekotuin and 3,500 interested visitors received a voucher booklet.

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