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Technisch bureau Swart B.V. supplies products and services in the field of crane and lifting techniques. The agency has more than 60 years of experience and consists of 50 employees and 2 branches.


Technisch bureau Swart B.V.



01. Assignment

MissionTechnical office Swart B.V. has asked us to optimize the internal business processes. Previously Swart B.V. worked with standalone software for, among other things, stock management, project management, quotation management, purchasing and planning. Because the software did not communicate with each other, it took a lot of time to retrieve the right information needed for the business processes.

02. Execution

We sat round the kitchen table with Swart B.V. and discussed the current situation. This is how Loyals mapped the working method and the software used. There were talks with Swart employees to find out about the sticking points and desired working method. This has led to a fully customized ERP system, in which Swart can monitor all processes and each department always has up to date information at its disposal, those involved are always aware of the progress of a project and purchasing is automatically managed.

03. Result

The 50 employees of Swart, spread over the 2 branches, now work with the ERP system developed by Loyals. A large number of departments are brought together within the new ERP system. This allows Swart B.V. to process requests more efficiently. An application will be processed automatically with the new ERP system, including links to Exact for administrative processing and links to suppliers for purchase orders. On the whole, the following components have been incorporated into the new ERP system of Swart B.V.:

  • Requests
  • Making Calculations
  • Offers
  • Project management
  • Planning staff/hours
  • Articles management
  • Purchasing/inventory management
  • Relationship management
  • Link with suppliers
  • Exact online link
  • Reports/turnover/hours/purchasing etc.
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