AB Transport Group

AB Transport Group is a carrier who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is involved and thinks along with you. With around 1,250 specialized employees in Europe, AB Transport Group is ready to provide reliable and optimum service to their customers every day with knowledge and a modern fleet of around 1,000 trucks and 1,350 trailers. AB Transport Group specializes in the transport of loose bulk agricultural products, chilled food products, cattle feed, flour and dairy.


AB Transport Group



01. Assignment

The development of a new brand name, brand identity, brand guidelines and branding for the new company to be formed after the merger of AB Texel, Butter Group and A-ware Logistics.

02. Execution

Our design department tackled this challenge with great enthusiasm. In collaboration with the concept department, a new name was created that fits the needs of all parties. The first sketches were made for a completely new branding. This has subsequently been developed into a brand identity that matches the needs and core values of AB Transport Group.

03. Result

The brand identity has been implemented in all internal and external means of communication, such as trailers, website and stationary items. AB Transport Group now has a clear corporate identity that is very recognizable and fits in with the innovative services offered by AB Transport Group.

Check out the result here!

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