From co-creation to professionalisation

PANCAKES Amsterdam opened its first restaurant in 2007. Owners Ingrid and Nicolette wanted to give Dutch pancakes a modern twist and they’ve succeeded in doing so. PANCAKES Amsterdam is a success and now has 4 restaurants in Amsterdam (De Berenstraat, Prins Hendrikkade, Westermarkt and Aan ’t IJ)! In 2017 it was time for the next step. The ladies were keen to open a fourth restaurant and decided that the time was ripe for professionalisation.


PANCAKES Amsterdam



01. Assignment

In order to accomplish this professionalisation and growth, it was clear that it would be necessary to bring about improvements online. Which is where we came in. We were invited to help PANCAKES Amsterdam improve their online positioning. The aim? To increase brand awareness and the number of guests and average spend per visit.


How did we do it?

PANCAKES Amsterdam excels in several areas. A fresh, modern, Dutch image is key within their restaurants. In order to remain consistent, this style also needs to pervade their website. The fact that PANCAKES Amsterdam has a crystal-clear vision of its core values and USPs meant that our design and development departments were able to set to work straight away. They saw to it that justice was properly done to PANCAKES Amsterdam’s core values on the website. And that the website...

  •  Is accessible on any device, any time, anywhere.
  •  Is mobile-friendly. It is important for PANCAKES Amsterdam to optimize findability and navigation for mobile users (foreign tourists) in particular.
  • Puts the eating experience centre stage.
  • Inspires visitors and prompts them to come and eat at PANCAKES Amsterdam.
  •  Makes it possible for guests to post reviews and photos.
  •  Navigates to restaurant clearly.

In order to improve findability and navigation, we did such things as integrate Google Street View into the website. This has improved local findability and enables guests (or potential guests) to take a peek at the restaurants in the meantime too.

Images speak louder than words. So take a look for yourself at the revamped website here!

02. Execution

Online marketing

To ensure optimum online performance of the new website it is important to bear in mind the target group’s search behaviour. Hence the content on the new website needs to be tailored to this. But how do you do this?

By setting to work in a structural manner:

  • Analysing visitors to the existing website.
  • Identifying the website’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishing sticking points in the website’s navigation.
  • Conversion analysis.

Search term research

What search terms are being used in the market?

Competitor analysis

What can we learn from competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Menu structure

On the basis of the search term research we came up with a menu structure including cornerstone pages.

These are the most important pages on a website, because that’s where the conversion happens.

Content creation

Next, the online marketing department set to work on content creation. In other words, filling the website with text and visuals. We primarily focused on optimizing the online findability on relevant pages.

During the process of designing and building the website and making it live, there has been frequent fine-tuning to ensure that the website ends up as robust on all fronts as possible.

In addition to the organic campaign, we set up a Google Ads campaign (SEA) for PANCAKES Amsterdam to generate a higher volume of traffic to the new website.


Social media

The professionalisation has also been implemented in PANCAKES Amsterdam’s social media channels: Facebook and Instagram. The aim? To inspire and encourage visitors. To initiate interaction with guests (or potential guests). 

What did we do?

  • Putting experience centre stage by posting such things as appetizing, animated pancake images, boomerangs and gifs.
  • Internationalizing social media, thereby ensuring that these are in tune with the target group ‘tourists’.
  • Setting up brand awareness campaigns. We did so by means of Facebook adverts and targeting international visitors on the basis of proximity.

User-based content

  • Posts that invite interaction: voting for pancake flavours, talking about plans for the weekend, etc.
  • Facebook carousel ads & Instagram photos as well as stories from the restaurants and meals.
  • Using visitors’ reposts to convey a sense of the experience.
  • Short Facebook & Instagram videos showing meal preparation.

Interested in seeing more videos? Then click here!

03. Result

We measure the website’s quality on the basis of such factors as the growth in organic visitor traffic. Fine-tuning the content to the target group has resulted in the website achieving 13% more organic website visits than the old website over the past 7 months.

PANCAKES grafiek


There has been a marked increase in the quality for mobile use and this is evident from the results. Organic mobile traffic has risen by 16%. The SEO bounce rate has fallen by 24%. A bounce is a session in which only a single page is visited, with the visitor then leaving the site.

The revamped website means that visitors are staying longer on the page on average, with the average duration of a visit increasing by 25%. This is also attested to by the number of pages being visited. The number of pages visited for each visit has risen by 31.17%. Great results, eh?

How are things now?

The collaboration between PANCAKES Amsterdam and Loyals is still going strong.

What do we do?

  • Monthly reporting of results.
  • Strategic advice from our Senior Online Marketeer vis-à-vis the use of (new or existing) technologies for the purposes of campaigns on social media.
  • Issuing advice to optimize the website’s findability.
  • Rewriting blogs to enhance findability (SEO).
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