Getting started with the design of a logo

Vineyard food & drinks is a multifunctional restaurant located near the A2 between Utrecht and Amsterdam. The concept 'to go - to stay - to work' is implemented here, you can pick up food, eat in the restaurant or use the free workplaces with wifi.


Vineyard Food & Drinks



01. Assignment

When Vineyard opened its own unique location, they asked the Marketing Loyals to get started on the design of their logo. In addition, we were asked to think about the other resources needed for the restaurant. Something that is right up our street at Loyals.

02. Execution

A sleek, modern logo matching the style of the other Vineyard labels. Loyals' marketing colleagues have subsequently achieved design and production for, among other things, flyers, advertisements, menus made of wood, signing in and around the building and various types of food packaging that are fully in line with the concept. The style was then extended by the online marketing branch of Loyals to the renewed restaurant website.

03. Result

A very nice example of co-creation between offline & online marketers. Working together is once again the key to success. Which has resulted in a positive contribution for the client. They were given a wide range of new resources for providing their own guests with quality in appearance, design and of course service.

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