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Bergman Clinics wants to make an important contribution to the long-term affordable, accessible and high-quality maintenance of healthcare in the Netherlands. Top specialists are accessible to everyone at Bergman Clinics and in many cases virtually without waiting lists.


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01. Assignment

Loyals has been the online development partner of Bergman Clinics for over 14 years and is continuously involved in the online strategy, marketing, web design and development. The website is an important lead generator and provides information for almost 90,000 patients per year. These patients must of course be well informed during the entire treatment process.

02. Execution

To ensure that the information to the patients runs smoothly, various data links have been created. This ensures the process between different systems. Loyals has an extensive website with a completely customized CMS system that acts as a lead generator. In addition, the site is optimized for search engines (SEO) and the website performs very well within Google on relevant search terms. The Online Loyals have discussions on a daily basis with Bergman's marketing team, looking for improvement.

03. Result

Loyals has been involved in the growth of 1 Bergman Clinics branch to no less than 26 branches. The website is an important lead generator and information source for the large number of patients.

Check out the result here!


We have been a very satisfied customer of Loyals for years.

Thijs Malenstein - Bergman Clinics
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