There is always something to do!

With a head office on Curaçao and offices on Aruba, Bonaire, and St. Martin, Kooyman is the largest hardware supplier on the islands. DIY-ers, contractors, and trade experts come to Kooyman for anything related to building materials, hardware, and home improvement. Kooyman inspires and assists anyone in completing their projects.

Where Kooyman’s slogan used to be “Kooyman, all you need and more,” it has now become “there is always something to do” — and that’s where we come in!





01. Assignment

New slogan, new needs. Because Kooyman was ready to create a bang with their new pay-off. The company called on us to develop creative concepts for a new positioning campaign.

02. Execution

Starting from creative sessions, we conceptualized new campaigns for the 4 quarters of 2019. The fundamental idea behind each concept is “there is always something to do.” From that basis, we became inspired by everyday situations. Think of the never-ending to-do lists in and around the house or even last-minute improvements. Because no job is too big or too small. Kooyman carries everything you need to successfully tackle those projects.

03. Result

We took these everyday, recognizable situations and translated them into cross-media content. To help Kooyman really stand out, we created a short social commercial, a radio commercial, social media posts, a billboard, and classic print ads. On top of that, we designed to-do stickers to encourage interaction with the target audience. These stickers inspire people to bite the bullet and tackle that one lingering chore — and that’s where Kooyman comes in!

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