Process optimization Municipality of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam aims to keep Amsterdam dynamic Amsterdam: the inspiring capital of the Netherlands with a rich history and culture. Living and working in Amsterdam is good, now and in the future and with good facilities. 


Gemeente Amsterdam



01. Assignment

The council of Amsterdam was looking for a way to manage all its car parks with associated systems and to provide customers with a modern level of service, without exceptionally rising costs.

02. Execution

Process optimization and genuine automation. Our Online Development Loyals have linked the different parking management systems. This information is made available in a webshop, so the connection is made with the commercial side of the internet and all the possibilities that this entails.

03. Result

The department of car parks at the Council of Amsterdam has a service level suitable for this day and age with a high level of 24-hour self-service. In addition, an efficiency improvement has been made for the management of the car parks. Perhaps more important are the possibilities that the collected data will offer the Council of Amsterdam in the future.

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