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Delicious food, cosy atmosphere, beautiful locations. When choosing a restaurant, the experience plays a fundamental role. Making an impression and offering an experience can be done in a restaurant, but it’s sometimes difficult for restaurants to convey that same experience online. Too bad, because nowadays no less than 60-80% of the reservations are made via smartphone. How do you, as a restaurant, ensure that this experience is also transmitted online to your guests? As a website builder for restaurants, Pocketmenu is fully specialized in websites full of experience and emotion. They bring marketing, technology and design together in a website that is geared to bringing in online reservations.





01. Assignment

Develop a new website template for restaurants to better reach mobile visitors, alongside Pocketmenu.

Mobile phones are responsible for more than half of all searches. Especially in the big cities smartphones are often used to find restaurants in the area. By both locals and tourists. Due to the lapse of extra costs for internet in the EU, tourists have become a much larger source of local search traffic for restaurants.

02. Execution

The project was set up through co-creation. The market knowledge of Pocketmenu is used as a starting point to develop a website template that is fully tailored to the needs of restaurants. Loyals Online Marketing and Pocket Menu have brainstormed about the structure and layout of the template together. Together they have laid the foundation for a website template in which potential customers are guided as well as possible.

Loyals Development worked together with Pocketmenu from this perspective to work on the technical development. Whereas the face of the website has been developed to the latest technological developments, the management side of the website has been set up as simply as possible. A website template that really works for the restaurant.

A new mobile website template has been developed: Turista. Turista responds to the increasing number of smartphones in making reservations. For example, the menu bar of the website is placed at the bottom of the mobile phone. This is a result of the increasingly large telephone screens, making navigation with one hand more difficult. With a menu bar at the bottom of the template, navigation with the thumb is much easier. To guide the desktop visitors as well as possible, Pocketmenu Turista can be combined with a separate deck-top template. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

The international aspect has not been overlooked: the template also supports the use of foreign languages. This makes it possible to speak to tourists in their own language, making it easier to make a reservation. Moreover, the Turista websites will also be more relevant in search engines when tourists are looking for a restaurant in their own language.


By joining forces, we developed the Turista mobile website template with Loyals. Turista is a market pioneer that will really put restaurants on the map.

03. Result

A clear and mobile website template. The template has been set up to increase conversion with direct visible call-to-actions and reservation buttons. With integrated Google Maps, guests can easily find their way to the restaurant. Restaurants are ready for the future with Turista.

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