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Alpha Makelaardij BV, artists in real estate, located in the centre of Gouda. An expert, objective partner in the housing market who will listen carefully first and get to work. A team of six enthusiastic women with a passion for real estate.


Alpha Makelaardij



01. Assignment

Alpha Makelaardij BV was ready for a rebranding of the logo and the associated corporate identity. They sought a look that showed their personal touch and their passion for special buildings and characteristic houses.

They also looked for a form in which the rooftops from the old logo could be used or incorporated in the new logo in a different way. Moreover, they wanted to keep a green colour, but the new colour had to feel warmer and authentic.

02. Execution

Loyals Offline started working on the design within the set frameworks. To emphasize the personal and authentic feeling, an olive-green colour combined with a written font was chosen for the logo. This was supplemented in the corporate identity with a clear and modern font that can be used on, for example, the estate agent signs, brochure and folders.

03. Result

A beautiful, fresh and certainly distinctive corporate identity that goes beyond just the logo and the first stationary items. For example, we have looked into how the new style can be incorporated in the design of a brochure or website. And there are advanced ideas about animating the logo. To be continued...


Loyals has created a wonderful new corporate identity and website for us, about which we have already received many positive reactions. So happy! Communication with all employees of various disciplines was quick and pleasant. Linking with our own system turned out to be tricky at times, but it was solved quickly and properly. Thank you very much for your help and advice!

Alpha Makelaardij
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