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Aderans Benelux is a supplier of an extensive collection of hairpieces in various styles. The philosophy of Aderans Benelux is to deliver the highest possible quality of all products. The range includes more than 70 ready-to-wear models for women and men. The key words of the hair creations are: quality, natural and comfort. 


Aderans Benelux



01. Assignment

When Aderans Benelux needed a new brochure for all its sellers, they were looking for a party that could take on the entire process. From concept to completion of the final brochure. This included the unusual task of photographing 40 models of hairpieces. The brochure had to be modern, but also consider not making it too glamorous. Photos of foreign partners also had to be used within the new look & feel.

02. Execution

A sales brochure with the look and feel of a magazine. A super tight schedule and a very good planning. We chose 10 models with which we shot 40 photos in our own photo studio in 4 days. The models were cast to represent the various ages of the target group. It was also important that they look beautiful, but 'down-to-earth', so that the reader could identify with the (mainly) ladies in the brochure.

03. Result

Thom provided the design, Bianca provided project management, Gillian provided concept & concept monitoring. The attentive viewer will also notice our colleague Anique appear as a cameo in both magazines. Two years later we were asked to work on the new edition. This time we photographed 60 colours and some new models. The design was adjusted, but in such a way that the existing photographs still fit into it. Again, Aderans Benelux was very pleased with the result.

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