Aluverre Façade construction

Aluverre Gevelbouw offers unique solutions for every façade. For villa construction, large glass surfaces and panorama view. With possibilities for high insulation value, maximum opening, burglary prevention and a sunken bottom sill. Because the façade is developing at a rapid pace, safety, climate and energy are brought into focus.


Aluverre Gevelbouw



01. Assignment

Create a moment for and with existing customers where Aluverre Gevelbouw can present themselves extensively and explain the various possibilities of the company in person.

02. Execution

In order to keep the brand event and the information as authentic as possible, we opted for a location close to the company, their own production space. A long white table was placed in the middle of this room, which had been emptied for the occasion. After the tour, guests took a seat at the table for this special presentation dinner. Between each course, the table became the focal point of the presentation through a specially developed technique and everyone could watch from their seat.

03. Result

An intimate setting where the opportunity was created to share information with a small group of customers in an inspiring and unique way. It was precisely by keeping this club small that the focus was increased. This created the opportunity to transfer personal substantive knowledge and to explain the various possibilities of Aluverre.

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