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Fincade (previously Qompetence) stands for FINance CAreer DEvelopers. That’s what Fincade’s staff are. They give new workers and young professionals the chance to become the best finance professionals. In turn, their clients reap the benefits of this.





01. Assignment

Fincade was previously known as Qompetence. Fincade was looking for a partner that could guide it through the entire rebranding process. It was a poster child of a company that was already far more advanced than its branding might have suggested. It was a company that acted like a brand and was infused with a culture that would make many a company envious.

In terms of image and name, Qompetence wasn’t conveying that culture clearly. Something essential was missing. The upshot of this? Not enough candidates and new clients that were a good match for the business culture.

In short, it was evident that Qompetence had outgrown their current name and house style. Time for a revamp. And we were given the opportunity to help them with this. The focus in this respect was on a corporate website & employer website, though we were also invited to contribute our thoughts on a new house style and activation. The objective was crystal clear: to conquer the market!

02. Execution

We kicked things off with Cut The Crap sessions. These sessions—spanning 2 x 2.5 hours—entailed us sitting down with Fincade (still Qompetence at that juncture) and charting its core values, brand identity and positioning. After all, clear core values constitute the foundations for a strong brand. Establishing your brand identity and positioning on the basis of your core values enables you to create an authentic, distinctive brand.

We set to work on ensuring that the external aspect of Fincade was in alignment with its internal aspect. Or to put it another way, with its core values. Thus, giving website visitors the feeling that the site matches the brand. Setting to work on the brand name, colours, fonts and look and feel has lent unity to the website of Fincade, such that it is now in perfect harmony with the organization.


Online marketing

Great, the outward and inward appearance of the organization are in alignment. Time for the online marketing department.

Fincade worked through The Road. This tried-and-tested, effective method is all about goals and achieving these by proceeding from core values. In order to do so, it’s important to perform a baseline measurement and to chart current activities and opportunities.

As part of The Road's method, the launch campaign for the new brand was created, featuring the slogan ‘Don’t grow up, just grow’.

This launch campaign consists in seeing to it that Fincade is easier to find using search engines (SEO), advertising in Google (SEA) and actively advertising on social media.

To ensure optimum online performance it is important to bear in mind the target group’s search behaviour. Hence the content on the new website needs to be tailored to this.

How did we do it?

By setting to work in a structural manner:

  • Analysing visitors to the existing website.
  • Identifying the website’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establishing sticking points in the website’s navigation.
  • Conversion analysis.

Keyword research

What keywords are being used in the market?

Competitor analysis

What can we learn from competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Menu structure

On the basis of the search term research we came up with a menu structure including cornerstone pages. (Corner what? Sorry, jargon. Cornerstone pages are the most important pages on a website, because that’s where the conversion happens.)

Content creation

Next, the online marketing department set to work on content creation. In other words, filling the website with text and visuals. We primarily focused on optimizing the online findability on relevant pages.

During the process of designing and building the website and making it live, there has been frequent fine-tuning to ensure that the website ends up as robust on all fronts as possible.

In addition to the organic campaign, we set up a Google Ads campaign (SEA) for Fincade to generate a higher volume of visitor traffic to the new website.

Social media

Fun fact: we discovered that posts through the professionals’ social media channels work far better than posts from Fincade. Which is logical, as people generally feel a greater degree of commitment to people than to businesses. And so, we now ensure that the lion’s share of the content is posted by the professionals. Consider in this regard blogs or anecdotes about personal experience. In terms of organic traffic, Fincade grew by more than 20% in the first 10 months of going live.

03. Result

The quality of the new website can be affected by the growth in organic visitor traffic. Fine-tuning the content to the target group has resulted in the website achieving 84% more organic website visits than the old website over the past 6 months.

Fincade - grafiek

Conversion rate is extremely important for Fincade, which is why we have set targets and measurements.

Due to the optimized site structure and improved call-to-actions, conversions have risen by 3,000% over the same period. Including a noticeable apply button has increased the conversion rate on mobile phones by 700%.

How are things now?
The collaboration between Fincade and Loyals is still going strong.

What are we still doing for Fincade at present?

  • Advising them on strategy vis-à-vis online marketing
  • Analysing (online) results & monitoring KPIs
  • Utilizing online marketing budget as effectively as possible
  • Subjecting the website to continuous scrutiny
  • Analysing website visitor behaviour



If you develop yourself as an organization, you are no longer who you were. And that's why it was time for a new name that better tells what we do and a corporate identity that fits better with us and our target groups.

Marco de Ruiter - Fincade
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