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Praxis is there for the makers. With more than 155 shops distributed throughout the Netherlands, they are the construction market for paint, lighting, laminate and your bathroom. A place for DIYers to be inspired.


Praxis Woerden



01. Assignment

Praxis Nederland serves millions of customers each year from more than 155 stores and As a local branch, Praxis wants to communicate local boulevard Woerden more locally and increase its involvement with its own (potential) customers.

What preceded it? Local content could actually only be distributed via the local media, but the effect of this continued to decrease. Moreover, the geographical location made it necessary to communicate via several local newspapers, all of which only reached a limited selection of the actual target group.

02. Execution

Where Praxis Netherlands promotes media through national media such as television, national folders and proprietary apps, Praxis Woonboulevard Woerden started in 2011 with local communication via its own Facebook page.

Loyals took care of the setup and trained and guided the staff to publish as much self-relevant content as possible. The objective is to generate more involvement through local communication, promote the local supply and local actions and ultimately generate more traffic to store.

Loyals is still a sparring partner and provides weekly local promotion of current offers. Facebook and Instagram are now also used for recruiting.


03. Result

The involvement and results of the local Facebook page meanwhile regularly provide free publicity. The paid promotions Loyals provides are designed to reach relevant people as effectively as possible in agreed areas.

And with result. The current plan is to roll out the concept to multiple Praxis franchises.

Due to the success of the advertisements, we are also setting up recruitment campaigns for Praxis Woerden to recruit new staff. Now there is an increasing shortage on the labour market, it appears that recruiting staff is not so easy anymore. Where an A4 sign on the entrance door used to be sufficient, we now use targeted advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to find sales people and cashiers. This concept has proven successful, because the first enthusiastic employees have already started!

Check out their Facebook here!

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